Of course, we should not only consider the oceans on June the 8th. We all need to ensure that actions we take – collectively and as individuals – are not simply greenwashing or virtue-signalling around a once-per-year event. But it is a good reminder to assess what we have done so far – good and bad – where we are at, and where we need to improve. 


Photography by Hiroko Yoshii

What is World Ocean Day?

Created by the UN, the holiday’s mission is ‘to inform the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean, develop a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean, and mobilize and unite the world’s population on a project for the sustainable management of the world’s oceans.’

The World Ocean Day 2022 theme is all about climate action & revitalisation.

‘Revitalisation: collective action for the ocean’ – calling out the desperate need to restore our oceans.  This is not separate to climate change, to the biodiversity crisis, the pollution crisis – we need to revitalise and preserve our oceans for us and generations to come. To put a stop to the extractive attitude we have to resources, and to empower ourselves – and our kids – to solve these problems. Now.

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Our Impact Report - being open and transparent about it is a big part of the process.

Where we are at - our Impact Report

This is the first year we have decided to report on all of our sustainability efforts and activities. And it is disappointing not to achieve all that we set out to do, but being open and transparent about it is a big part of the process, and being ambitious is our default setting even during a very difficult period for a travel company.

To be honest the latter part of the year in 2021 was focused on survival as a company, which meant the attention of our tiny and reduced team was focused on trying to keep the doors open – so some of the projects we had hoped to complete were sidelined. But the wonderful thing about reporting and reviewing is to remind ourselves of all that we have achieved. It’s easy to just remember the things we didn’t achieve but doing this report has made us very proud to be working with such an inspirational bunch of people.

With Natalie Fox as our sustainability ringmaster, we have made some great steps in 2021 and set the foundations for more positive change in 2022. And now 2021 is done and dusted, we are looking towards the next year and how we can reach our current targets, adjust and amend if needed and, if possible, increase the impact we are having. Through developing our Sustainable-ish Plan we found there ARE tangible ways we can be more sustainable and that sustainable solutions actually do exist.

2021 was just the start, and we hope to see you at one of our retreats in 2022 and beyond, so you can be part of the solution too. 

Check out our full Impact Report here.

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World Ocean Day '22

What we can all do on World Ocean Day

Check out the UN’s #revitalizetheocean event. Hosted today at the UN headquarters and broadcast live, this is an opportunity to listen to thought leaders, campaigners, scientists and entrepreneurs who shed light on the ideas, solutions, projects - and difficulties - we face together on this critical mission to restore our ocean health.

The UN World Ocean day website also has great educational resources for kids, from ocean-themed films, podcasts, to colouring tasks & links to charities & projects near you.


  • Check out World Ocean Day’s events calendar to see what is happening today - and ongoing - in your area. You can filter by country - see what’s happening near you!
  • The UN also have collated worldwide events, both in person and online.


  • Get involved in your local community - perhaps you live by a coastline and can see what Surfers Against Sewage are doing (not just today!) 
  • Help to organise a beach clean - or a clean up in your local park, river or lake if you are not by the ocean.
  • Surfers Against Sewage also have some great resources and ideas on how to sponsor local projects, or how to take action if you are a corporation and want to donate.
  • Sign the petition to protect at least 30% of our land, waterways & ocean by 2030.

Check out who we work with and support for more ideas. 

"If we truly want to save our oceans, every coastline needs a local hero." ~ Asha De Vos, Oceanswell


Photography by Katie Rae


How about watching a movie or two about the ocean today?  We have come across some great documentaries about the ocean, climate & biodiversity, so here is a list for you - and maybe the kids too.

  1. Seaspiracy
  2. A Plastic Ocean
  3. Mission Blue
  4. Chasing Coral
  5. Planet Ocean
  6. Sonic Sea
  7. The Story of Plastic
  8. Racing Extinction

And if time is not on your side today, check out these shorter ocean TED talks.