Bespoke therapies to restore and relax


We work with our professional massage therapists to provide creative and flowing treatments where no two treatments are the same. This requires our therapist to create a genuine connection with the client which we achieve through an initial consultation that finds out where you’re at, what your needs are, and what your issues are.


Our therapist can then create a treatment for you, combining intuitive contact, body awareness, breathwork and connecting with the moment – to look after your whole body in a gentle, caring way.

And if you’re just wanting to soothe your tired surf & yoga limbs and muscles, we can obviously help you out with that too.

Everyone can benefit from our therapies. It is useful in especially difficult periods of your life, can help with every-day stress and physical fatigue – and is highly recommended for most of us city folk who tend to live out of kilter with our bodies.

Our therapists are more than just masseurs. They work with minds and souls as much as they do with bodies.

Our Treatments

Therapeutic Thai Massage

Similar to Ayurveda, Thai massage is one branch of a larger medicinal system which stems from an ancient Eastern lineage - largely inspired by yoga and meditation. It embodies a holistic approach to overall wellness. 

A short consultation is taken at the beginning, and depending on the individual’s needs, the treatment can be done seated, lying on one side, prone, supine or a combination.

The massage is floor based & fully clothed, often using a balm/liniment but not a full oil massage. This bodywork is primarily intended to help restore vitality and has been described as a meditative experience, leaving the receiver with a sense of lightness and space in the body, clarity in the mind, and in a state of deep relaxation.

Deep Release Massage

Tailored to suit each individual, the therapist will use deeper pressure and more focused massage to allow relief to the depths of your muscles. This is an effective treatment to promote change in the body by improving the movement and function. Using a combination of deep and relaxing methods, the body and mind will be left feeling balanced and nourished.

Check out our prices and extras page for details. During our quiet season you can arrange a therapy with our team onsite, but please note that we cannot guarantee availability for a specific type of massage, as it may be that we organise a freelance massage therapist for you.

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Our therapists are more than just masseurs. They work with minds and souls as much as they do with bodies.

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