We’ve chosen this corner of the Iberian Peninsula in Portugal because a) it’s pretty damn beautiful, and b) it boasts amazing waves and conditions for all abilities.

Whether you’re a seasoned salty sea dog or a beginner gliding into your first waves, no worries; the SW Algarve has it all. Both the west and southern Algarve coastlines are littered with beach breaks, point breaks, and the occasional reef, all positioned to make the most of the wide swell window of Cape St-Vincent.

But let’s face it, this is the Atlantic so we will still be at the mercy of Mother Nature. Round these parts, it all depends on the ever-changing tides. We can’t predict exactly when we’ll be surfing, or where we’ll be going. We kind of dig the fact that we’re letting nature lead us, and it also means we can be flexible with our days.

Surfing the Algarve, Portugal ~ Before You Arrive

Of course you can just dash our of work, hop on a plane and be with us the same day. But if you can start some preparations before you jump on the plane you will really feel the benefit. Here’s a few things to get you going before you get to us, particularly if you are not a regular surfer:

Watch as much surfing footage as possible, get familiar with how it looks to ride waves
Look for different types of waves and how different surf spots attract different styles of surfing
Do 10-20 press ups a day for a month before you come
Go Swimming and set yourself targets which are reachable in terms of endurance in the water
If you have never surfed before try bodysurfing in the sea if you can
Try skateboarding if you can, longboards and/or carve boards
Try to build core strength muscles, work ALL muscle groups in the core
Hold your breath in the bath or at the pool, time yourself and try to extend
Unfortunately though, the best preparation for surfing, is surfing.

Please note, none of the above is medical advice, consult your doctor to be sure.