Our Beachside B&B. Yes, it is that close to the ocean.


Soul & Surf Cove is a boutique hotel positioned on a dreamy, secluded little waterfront cove in Ahangama. Hidden from the road, the beach is dotted with palm trees, and there is a nice easy wave right out front. Right there! We can walk to it, what a treat.


The Rooms

The hotel is simple, we’ve upgraded a simple Sri Lankan hotel with nice bathrooms and simple, comfortable furnishings. The million dollar aspect to this is that each room faces onto and is literally a few metres from the Indian Ocean and what feels like a private lagoon.

We have three levels of rooms, at three different rates, all with a sea view. We’ve used our quirky room naming from our Kerala hotel and called them Quite Nice, Nice and Really Nice. The main difference is size and aspect. The Really Nice rooms are bigger and have some extra privacy, the cheaper ones are smaller and ground level. They are all simple, modern and comfortable with some stylish touches, all of them with AC, and all with that – did we mention it? – million dollar view.

There is also our onsite cafe, bar & restaurant – Canteen – and an open-sided lounge on the shoreline.

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Yep. That's the ocean right there.

A space by the sea where you can chill, rest, yoga, eat, repeat. Sound good?

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