Our Beachside B&B. Yes, it is that close to the ocean.


Our Beachside Bed & Breakfast is a boutique hotel positioned on a dreamy, secluded little waterfront cove in Ahangama. Hidden from the road, the beach is dotted with palm trees, and there is a nice easy wave right out front. Right there! We can walk to it, what a treat.


In fact, if the hotel was any closer to the ocean, it’d be a boat.

The seven rooms are all sea-facing, simple yet stylishly presented and we have an on-site cafe, bar & restaurant and all with a sea view. You get too hot, hop in the sea. You get too lazy, jump in the sea. You get bored with your friends, plop in the sea.

If you stayed with us pre-Covid you’ll notice that we’re doing things a little differently now.

Here on the beach, instead of all-inclusive retreats we’re taking a super flexible approach. This means we’ll simply charge you a flat rate on a per person per room bases for bed & breakfast, with a two night minimum and for lunch and dinner you’ll be able to explore the many tasty delights the area has to offer. We might even join you.

And of course, our surf, yoga and massage sessions are available to add as extras day by day, or save money on pre-paid activities, so that you can do as much or as little as you’d like. 


Yep. That's the ocean right there.

The Accommodation

It’s unusual to be on this part of the coast without being wedged in next to the busy coast road. But that’s definitely not the case here - we are set away from the road, tucked into a tropical paradise cove. We’ve got great beaches for swimming or surfing within minutes and our own little beach bay – with an easy, rolling wave out front shared with just a few others.

Your stay here is bed & breakfast, you can then choose what else to add. As much surf, yoga, massage, food and drinks as you want are all on top.

The Rooms

We have three levels of rooms, at three different rates, all with a sea view. Quite Nice, Nice and Really Nice. They are simple, modern and comfortable with some stylish touches, all of them with AC, and all with that – did we mention it? – million dollar view.

There is also an on-site cafe, bar & restaurant, and an open-sided lounge on the shoreline.

And did we mention the view?

Check out prices and what's included here.

Bed & Breakfast. You choose the rest.

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