The Offer

Our current flexible rate is for bed & breakfast. Book your surf once you arrive at Soul & Surf, Varkala.

Prices – from GBP43 per person per night

  • Check the exact price for the rooms and dates you’d like once you access our booking page.
  • For descriptions and pics check our Kerala rooms page.
  • Please note this is not a package, is not covered by Package Tour Regulations and your trip is not financially protected. Check our Terms and Conditions before booking and take your own travel insurance/

Price List

Main Season (from 15th September 2023) 

  • Quite Nice Room no AC — £53 solo / £85 double
  • Nice Room no AC — £63 solo / £90 double
  • Nice Room with AC — £73 solo / £100 double
  • Really Nice Room — £83 solo / £120 double

Between 15th December – 15th January we charge an extra £12 / person / night.

Quiet Season (from 15th May 2024) 

  • Quite Nice Room no AC — 3000 INR / room / night 
  • Nice Room no AC —3000 INR / room / night 
  • Nice Room with AC — 5000 INR / room / night  
  • Really Nice Room — 6000 INR / room / night 

* During our Quiet Season our rooms are sold in INR. 

What’s Included

Here’s what you can expect to be included in your stay:

  • Accommodation
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Wi-Fi
  • A huge delicious, nutritious breakfast
  • Unlimited mineral water
  • Use of yoga mats
  • All local & international taxes
  • One or two trees planted via Mossy Earth per person*

*Only during main season. If you stay for less than a week – one tree. If you stay for one week or more – two trees.

What’s Isn’t Included (but is very much available…)

  • Daily surf lessons with our team of inspirational ISA surf instructors
  • Daily yoga classes (check on arrival if possible)
  • One to one yoga sessions (check on arrival if possible)
  • Treatments & massages  
  • Snacks & drinks 
  • Backwater SUP Sessions booked on site 
  • Pick up and drop-off, but we can point you in the right direction

Please note that if you are travelling during quiet season (15th May – 12th September 2024) the somewhat more unpredictable conditions mean that our offering will be slightly different to the ‘norm’. This will vary day to day, usually because we’re at the whim of Mother Nature (but, let’s be honest, when are we not?) 

On a typical day, we can assess the wave and wind conditions in the early morning and decide when and if the lesson can be given. When it comes to yoga, the shala is available for self-practice throughout your stay and we will have a weekly schedule for classes and workshops which you can join. 

Coming with the kids?

  • Over 12 and/or if a child needs a room = full-price
  • Under 12 with an extra bed in Really Nice Room = £10/night extra (incl. breakfast but no surf)
  • Baby in same bed as parents = free (no breakfast included)

    If you’re bringing your family please email to make arrangements to suit your needs.

Airport Taxi

A Trivandrum Airport pick-up is available to book – we will arrange, you pay the driver in cash — INR 2,100 / 2,300 for a bigger van

Pre-Booked Activities


These prices are only available if you pay for them prior to arrival. Surf sessions are 90 minutes with an ISA qualified instructor. 

  • Surf Lessons Introduction*: 3x lessons — £65
  • Surf Lessons Week*: 6x lessons — £135

Surf lessons include board hire & rashguard for the duration of the lesson. We can only guarantee a spot for the surf lessons if you pre-book. But you should usually be OK to book the day before onsite. 


  • Yoga Week: 6x 75 min group class — £30 *


  • Surf & Yoga Week:  6x surf lessons and 6x yoga lessons during your stay  — £150 *

*Please note that during quiet season you cannot pre-book any activities. If it is possible to surf, you’ll be able to arrange it onsite and pay at checkout. 

**Note that the Surf Introduction can only be booked if you spend at least 3 nights with us, the Surf Week, Yoga Week, Surf & Yoga Week if you spend at least 6 nights with us during main season. If you do not prepay these bundles, you’ll be charged by the lesson onsite.

On-Site Extras 

To be paid site. We accept INR, Visa or Mastercard.



Surf lessons include board hire for the duration of the lesson. Lessons are 90 min and all our instructors are ISA qualified. We only offer board rental to experienced surfers and not beginners due to safety concerns.

  • Surf Lesson with Board: 90 mins — INR 2500 / £25 
  • One To One Lesson with Board: 90 mins — INR 5000 / £50
  • Surfboard Rental: 3 hrs — INR 1000 / £10 / All day — INR 2000 / £20
  • Board Rental | Week: Seven days, 24hrs a day — INR 7000 / £70


  • Yoga: 1x 75 min group class — INR 600 / £6
  • One To One Yoga: 1x 60 min private class — INR 4000 / £40
  • Pranayama or Meditation Class:  1x 30 min group — INR 500 / £5

Please note that during low season we do not offer yoga classes, but you are welcome to use the yoga shala for your own practice. 


Massage, Therapies & Treatments — available to book onsite

1hr – INR 3800 

1hr 15 mins – INR 4000

Holistic & Deeper Experience

1 hr 30 mins – INR 4500

*Please note that during quiet season we do not offer therapies, but we can give you some recommendations in the area. 

Special Events

BBQ Nights / Movie Nights / Special Events — arrange on arrival

Ready to book? 

Head over to the India booking page and don’t forget to check our Terms and Conditions.

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