Yoga. Round your place.


There are a lo–ot of yoga classes and teachers on that there internet. Is it us, or is it kinda hard to sift through the noise and find a teacher you connect with?


Well, panic not – your days of endless doom-scrolling are no more. As has always been our mission at Soul & Surf, we plan to bring a little chunk of extra positivity to you. A bit of nourishment for the soul & the body, a bit of feel-good, a bit of motivation to get up and at ‘em, without getting all eat, pray, love on yo’ ass.

That fancy internet does have some uses, it turns out. It means some of our amazing team of yogis can bring their magic to you, in your home.

Yep, you guessed it - Soul & Surf Yoga has gone online. 

Hey, we’re not going to solve all your problems with Yoga. But, until you come back to see us in person – or even if you haven't had a chance to visit us yet – we bring you Soul & Surf Yoga. At Home.

Keep connected to our amazing teachers, all from home.

Soul & Surf Yoga - At Home

So for a while we were working out quite how best to deliver you ‘At Home’ and then after meeting the lovely ladies over at Journey Into, we jumped on board with them to offer you the At Home subscription – all of our wonderful teachers Hayley, Rachel, Becca and Nat guiding you through their speciality practices in the comfort of your own home. 

From surf-specific strength practices to restful 'ease it all out' yin to simple and restorative morning stretches to TCM-informed yoga and qi gong, breath practices and more - you'll find it all here in At Home, with a range of class lengths from 10 to 60 mins. 

Is It For Me?

We welcome all levels and believe a wellness practice should be accessible to every-body (hyphen intended). If you are a beginner there will be offerings to take it at your own pace and level, and if you are a seasoned yogi we invite you to go deeper into your practice, with a combination of uplifting, dynamic classes, restorative practices, pranayama, meditation, self-massage and lots more.


Check the Read More for pricing and how to sign up.

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How Much?

All subscriptions come at a flat rate of £24 a month – keeping you going ‘til you’re next able to see us in person.  Join us here.

Need a taster? Check out this free pranayama practice – 10 minutes of goodness to help with the stress levels…

Concerned about the cancellations policy? Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with no new payments taken.

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Soul & Surf Yoga. Round Your Place.


Three Good Reasons To Sign Up...

  • The brilliant thing we learned after our first experiment in online in April 2020 (which feels like a lifetime ago now - wince) is that being with you online really works. Not quite like the real thing, not like coming to stay with us in India, Sri Lanka or Portugal, but pretty damn good. And we can offer our kind of experience for a fraction of the normal cost, if you’ll let us do it round your house.
  • Whatever your existing practice looks or doesn’t look like, At Home gives you the tools to support and deepen this with our truly exceptional teachers. Each has their own clear passion and idea of yoga and we know that we, and their students, value the unique take that they bring with them to the mat.
  • Wherever you are, we can be too! Our teachers are spread all over the world and, with other commitments and oftentimes patchy internet connection, aren’t always able to offer classes online. This way though, you get to bring their teaching to you, whether you’re hunkering down in your bedroom, or basking outside on the beach.

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