Photography by Malva Lorensson

Tucked away in the heart of the Indian Ocean is a little tear-shaped island that we've become very fond of. With warm, mellow waves breaking against a vivid splash of jungle green, the curves of the coastline melting into the arcing blue of the ocean, it’s easy to see why Sri Lanka has drawn surfers and adventure seekers to its shores for decades. 

And more recently, it has also become a sanctuary for those looking for the space that yoga brings – and as we know, yoga & surf make a very good couple indeed. 

We’ve held our carefully crafted, Soulful Surf & Yoga retreats on this isle for almost ten years now, and think we’ve done a pretty good job of showing off what this place has to offer – as well as delivering some of the best damn yoga & surf around.

So, let’s take a little stroll through a typical day at our yoga and surf retreat on this island paradise. 


  • 6.30am: Meet for coffee, tea & fruit – yawn, stretch, wake up.
  • 7.00am: Leave for our surf lesson. 

We like to go early. Real early. During our busy season – November to April – the winds are nice and predictable, and tend to be either offshore or non-existent in the mornings. 

Onshore winds usually make an appearance around 10 or 11am, although they usually ease off as the sun sets. 

At Soul & Surf Cove, we’ve got a sweet left-hander right out the front of our hotel, which you can paddle out to straight from our cafe, Canteen. If the conditions look better elsewhere, we’ll take you there instead. 

We run surf lessons through Levels 1 – 4, plus our Soul of Surfing workshops, where we go deeper on Soul of Surfing topics, providing an added element of theory. We also offer four video analysis sessions through the week, and offer you technical, actionable surf coaching, whatever your level.

Our surf lessons are fun, inclusive and always tailored to what you need – with emphasis on ocean & present moment connection. 

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What are Surf Levels 1 - 4? Find out by clicking this button below!

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Surf lessons courtesy of us. Tropical backdrop courtesy of Sri Lanka


  • 9.30 - 11am: Ice-cold, fresh coconut & a hearty, healthy communal breakfast.

Post surf you need that coconut. Trust us. 

And then a leisurely brekkie in our cafe, Canteen. These long, communal affairs have often led to lasting friendships, setting the world to rights and building a sense of community that we have nurtured over the years. There’s something about eating together post-surf that breaks down barriers and brings a sense of ease to the chat.

And everyone’s really, really hungry so we make sure our Sunshine Food is hearty stuff.

Surf Theory

  • 11am: Soul Surfing workshop
  • 11.45am: Video Analysis

Rather than just teaching people to stand up on foamies, we aim to teach the “whys” behind surfing. We run daily Soul of Surfing workshops, where we delve into our four pillars of surfing - Ocean Literacy, Blue Health, Soul Surfing and Wave Riding. 

Our program combines yoga and mindfulness with technical coaching and video analysis, creating a deep connection with the ocean and promoting the soulful side of surfing. Oh, and reminding ourselves that the priority is always fun over mastery.


  • 1pm: A healthy, hearty lunch from Soul & Surf's cafe, Canteen

Our little bar & cafe Canteen serves up street food-inspired quick eats and Sunshine Food, plus a selection of tropical coolers & cocktails.

Oh and did we mention it’s right on the ocean? 

Chill. You're on holiday, remember.

  • 2pm: One to one yoga, massage, swim, chat or snooze

Maybe you want to do deeper in your yoga practice - book in a 1-1 yoga session. Or pamper yourself with a gorgeous massage…or just chill.

Napping is important too.

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Post surf you need that coconut. Trust us.


  • 3pm: Move, breathe & meditate overlooking the ocean. Lovely.

Yoga is practiced in our rooftop yoga shala, where our movements and breathing sync up with the rhythm and sound of the ocean in the background.  We don't even bother trying to compete with it by putting music on.

Included in the retreat are group yoga classes – these are a mix of Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Pranayama, Meditation & Yin – all with our very experienced teachers and their individual styles.

We are lucky to have teachers that have come from different backgrounds, weaving in elements of Shiatsu, Qi Gong, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine through to Ashtanga, Somatics, Yoga Therapy, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin and, yes – surfing.

Plus, if you really want to go deep into a practice you can pay extra and attend our extra studio classes too, as well as private one-to-one sessions – perfect if you’re a total newbie and want to nail the basics, or for yogis who need a bit of extra help to master a specific pose.

The main challenge is trying to tear your gaze away from the ocean view.

Read more about our yoga styles and ethos>>

Second Surf?

  • 4.30pm: Late afternoon splash? We might even join you.

That potential afternoon offshore wind we mentioned earlier? If it glasses off enough, a second surf is a right treat at this time of day, especially after that lovely yoga session you just did. 

CBA? Have a beer and watch from the beach, that's valid too.


Yoga on our ocean-view rooftop


  • 6.30pm: Watch the sunset with a cocktail then meet for dinner, a drink and a good yarn.

After a day of activity (yes, we consider massage an activity) it's food o'clock.

Our meals are simple, healthy, and fresh - big sunny salads, soulful sides and Indian and Sri Lankan-inspired street food with a twist. Just the right amount of naughty indulgence and restorative goodness. That’s what we call balance. Think loaded fries, homemade naan plates and much, much more. 

Dinner is another opportunity to swap stories with new pals, and feel very very pleased with yourself for all that yoga and surfing you did.


Every Sunday of the busy season we host our Sunday Sessions at Canteen, a curated mix of sounds, drinks and a BBQ taking us from sunset to night. Come along from 4 – 9pm (ish) and bop along to our live DJ’s & bands. 

Keep an eye on Canteen's instagram for Sunday Sessions info and dates.

After all this you probably want to get an early night so you can do it all again tomorrow. But if you are full of beans, we can point you in the direction of all the evening delights Ahangama has to offer. 

Check out our Sri Lanka main pages for details about the retreat, surf lessons and more>>


Sunday Sessions at our beachfront cafe, Canteen