Soul & Surf Pop-Ups If we find somewhere really special we just Pop-Up

We have bases in Kerala, India, Sri Lanka and now a European home in Portugal. Kerala is the place we found before most people realised you could surf in this area. It’s the place we discovered un-ridden waves and with a handful of others shared information about the wave-rich Keralan coast.

But we try to remember what brought us to this place and what inspired us to set up Soul & Surf here, and that was a spirit of adventure, a desire to spend time in a beautiful place with an inspiring culture, to surf, to practice yoga, to eat well, to slow down. So whenever we find another place like that, when we get to know it and when we feel at home somewhere we’re inspired to take Soul & Surf to that place.

Since 2012 we’ve experimented with some ‘Pop-Up’ Soul & Surf’s in new locations. We tried the south west coast of Sri Lanka for a more luxurious retreat – that went very well and now we have our own retreat there. We tried Little Andaman, a far-flung, untouched island in the middle of the Bay of Bengal for a wilder more adventurous trip. That went really well too. We have taken people on adventures to the desert in Peru, and to the coral reefs of Lombok – and we had a weekend in Cornwall, which reminded us how good home is, too.

We ran Pop-Ups in Portugal for three years, and fell in love with the wild Atlantic, the incredible food, the gorgeous landscapes of the Algarve, and have just opened up permanently there too.

So we’re going to continue our Pop-Up Soul & Surf’s whenever we find the right place and want to share it.

Come and join us.
Soul & Surf

Guest Reviews

I am back in Dubai in the same old life which is not so bad but still feel like going back to Varkala right now!!!! I had amazing time and I would like to Thank you for everything!!!! I’ve never been in such a place where I would feel so comfortable right away and enjoyed […]

Alena, Dubai