Therapies pop-up: Shiatsu at Soul & Surf India

We’re really excited to have Becca Spooner popping up with us for the month of January. As a Zen Shiatsu practitioner, Becca incorporates knowledge from each of her practices into Holistic treatments that empower her clients’ innate ability to heal themselves, restoring balance, energy and a sense of calm in their lives. Here’s a bit of information about the treatments she’ll be offering…


Through intuitive listening and a 5 element diagnosis, each treatment is specifically tailored to each individual to create a truly personal experience. Joint mobilisation techniques and gentle finger pressure help to release blockages along the energy channels in the body to encourage the free flow on Qi, also known as Prana. Shiatsu is a beneficial treatment which focuses on the physical and emotional imbalances, including muscular or joint problems, menstrual and digestive issues, anxiety, sleep disorders and many more! You can expect to leave the treatment feeling balanced and with a profound sense of calm. Light loose clothing is worn for the treatment which is on a floor futon. 

Therapeutic Acupressure Therapy 

Our therapeutic approach to Acupressure ensures this treatment is restorative and nourishing to the body and mind. Deep tissue and holistic massage strokes are combined with stretches and pressure point work to help release tension and promote change in the body by improving the movement and function. Becca incorporates aromatherapy oils influenced by the local area and your personal needs to enhance the overall treatment. This treatment is designed for those who are looking to unwind after a day in the water, or, if you are looking to restore a little bit of balance back into your life and you just love a massage.  

Wanna find out more, or interested in booking your spot during your stay with us in Kerala?


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