Soul People – Jelaine ‘Jelly’ Hermitte

What makes Soul&Surf tick? The amazing bunch of people that work with us of course. Soul People will introduce you to some of the incredible people we work in both Sri Lanka and India.



Name: Jelaine but call me Jelly
Age: 24
Where’s Home? : South Africa
What’s your role at Soul&Surf : Surf Instructor
How did you start surfing? 
I started surfing when I was 12 years old in my home town, Durban. I went to about 3 lessons with
Roxy Learn2Surf and they showed me the basic pop up. On my first whitewater wave,I forgot to standup. On my second wave I stood up and have been addicted to surfing ever since. I was lucky enough
to start surfing as a kid living near the beach, so I picked up surfing pretty easily.
What does Soul mean to you?
“Soul” is who you truly are. It is what really drives you throughout your life, what gets your  adrenaline pumping. Soul is the truth. It is genuine, real and so precious. It is the core of everything  We need to get more in touch with the soul of the world.
What inspires you about Sri Lanka?
Wherever you go, Sri Lankans are always ready to greet you with a big smile. They seem so peaceful
with just the simple things in life. I love how so much is still so traditional on this side of the world,
especially kids playing outside with simple objects or helping out at home by sweeping the garden.
I love the unity felt amongst the people here. Everyone willing to help each other out and being so
open to share with one another. Certainly lots to learn out here.

All photos – Alejo Achaval

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Guest Reviews

From uncrowded warm glassy waves to a relaxing stay the experience at Soul & Surf completed my trip. The crew running the show are absolute legends, accommodating in every way and have created an experience that I’m sure to relive in years to come. Thanks so much for the swell times!

Stefan Hunt, Director, ‘Surfing 28 States’