Soul People: Jake Goold

Last month, we teamed up with the lovely folk behind the Smooth Movers surf festival – a three-day event down in Cornwall showcasing traditional surfing and all that it champions…music, art, independent film (and really cold beer).
We were stoked to be asked to sponsor the weekend’s charity expression session (thanks guys!) – so, we thought we’d catch up the winner, Jake Goold, to grill him on what soul surfing means to him.
Where’s home for you?
Home will always be the Sunshine Coast of Australia for me.
How did you get into surfing?
I was pushed into surfing when I was five years old by both of my parents, who have surfed all of their lives.
How was the Smooth Movers weekend?
Smooth Movers was an awesome weekend, getting to meet keen surfers from all over the globe and surf against them in a non-aggressive and fun competition where everyone on the beach is frothing.
Smooth Movers is all about celebrating traditional surfing, art, music, culture…who or what inspires you most (both in and out of the water)? 
The people who inspire me are the people like Asher Pacey, Bryce Young and Ryan Burch who are surfing alternative surfboards with classic style but an innovative approach, while still living an exciting and creative lifestyle outside the water.
You’re joining us out in Portugal next month for our pop-up…after that, where next?
I haven’t made any plans but my goal is to travel down to the Canary Islands to catch up and surf with some good friends doing a trip down there.
And finally – what does Soul mean to you?
That is a very hard question but I suppose soul to me would mean expressing, exploring and experiencing everything you can in and out of the water with passion.
All images: Callum Morse @ Salt Shots
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