Soul People: exploring Portugal with Katie Rae

If you’ve been following our antics this year, you might have seen that we’ve been bouncing in and out of Portugal a fair amount this summer, popping-up for a series of week-long retreats. It’s been fun! (So much so, that we’ve decided it’s time to go a little more permanent...)

On our most recent trip, we brought our friend – and incredibly talented photographer – Katie Rae along with us…

Katie’s been a member of the Soul & Surf family out in Kerala for a couple of seasons, and we couldn’t wait for her to capture the raw and rugged beauty of the Algarve.

We’re excited to share more of Katie’s beautiful Portugal shots soon, but in the meantime we thought we’d give you a little teaser, along with some words from Katie on what inspired her about our soon-to-be third home…

What inspires you the most about Portugal’s landscape?

The Algarve is such a striking place to shoot. Every day was different. There’s an array of places to hunt waves and explore raw coastlines. The extraordinary cliffs provided quirky layers and light on the shore, with distant figures strolling along the beaches.

What did a typical day look like while you were out shooting with us?

Getting up around 6.30 in sunrise kingdom, sink a coffee and make our way to the S&S quinta to have more coffee!  I’d then get in my car and head to wherever Adam and Rachel had in mind, as they knew where the best waves would be that day. Some days I’d go off and explore whatever looked interesting on maps. Find a spot, set up my housing, trusty squeegee in hand, flippers on and waddle down to the surf. I loved it.

Any challenges?!

Honestly I can’t think of any!

Lasting memory from the trip?

I have such a happy memory of driving to Arrifana on my last morning. It’s about a 45 minute journey on the west coast, with hundreds and hundreds of eucalyptus trees hugging the long windy roads. The light was something else, a sort of mist floating on the distant mountains. Blaring Telegraph Road by Dire Straits on in the car, a favourite of mine! Arrifana is a beautiful beach, cliffs towering over with sea mist dancing off the sand, it’s a very atmospheric scene and the surf is great there too!  After a few hours of shooting from the shore, hunger kicked in, time for lunch and a cheeky beer!  It has a very special place in my mind and one I will definitely return to.

And finally…what does soul mean to you?

Contentment. No worries, no fears, just being and feeling good.

All photography: Katie Rae Photo

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