Conditions & Breaks

The little stretch of coastline we’re based near to is one of the most wave-rich coastlines in the world. There are so many reefs, breaks, bays and beaches in this 40km stretch from Galle to Matara and we’re pretty much slap bang in the middle of it. So none of the breaks are more than 30 minutes drive from us and most are within 15-20 minutes.

Sri Lanka Surf Season – South Coast

The traditional ‘peak’ surf season on the southern coast is December to March.”So, why are you open all year?” we hear you cry.

Well… peak season is only called that because the winds are best in the middle of the dry season. The swell, which comes from the southern ocean and are the same ones that hit Indonesia, is actually best from April to November but the localised monsoon winds blow onshore a lot more…

So the shoulder seasons, pre and post monsoon, are the best chance to get a combination of really good swell, good wind conditions (especially in the morning) and lower crowd levels.

The low-season, May to October has strong, regular swells but there will be more winds and rain at this time but less chance of crowds in the water. Beginners will be fine in the whitewater, experts will be fine out back if you’re a good duck-diver and a strong paddler but for intermediate surfers you might well struggle to get those easy green waves so we recommend this season for beginners and experts only.

So, that’s why we’re open all year.

Sri Lanka Surf Breaks – South Coast

We’re only highlighting the main, well-known breaks here out of respect for the locals and the seasoned Sri Lanka surf crews. There’s plenty more besides these and we’ll explore some of the less well-know spots too whilst you’re here if you are keen.

West to East
Galle Surf Beach Just outside the fort there’s a great beginners beach with crumbling waves over sand
South Beach Surf Point As easy as a reef break gets. Crumbling waves and deep water make this a brilliant beginner or long-board option
The Rock At the west end of Kabalana beach is the infamous A-frame. Good power, lefts & rights and rides of up to 300m means that when it’s on, it’s crowded. Be respectful, and the local & ex-pat crowds will be friendly back
Kabalana Beach White water galore over sand for beginners with a few peaky beach break waves out back for the more advanced. Can dump pretty hard on the sand bar
Sticks Lefts and rights on this intermediate level reef break
Lazy Left Almost always crowded these days as this wall-ey, easy, long left is the go-to wave for those wanting to progress from a beginners beach to a reef. Always worth jumping in if we zip by and there aren’t too many people out
Rams Right A shallow, fast, reef break with a little barrel section. This can freak some surfers out which means it’s often quiet. Wear reef boots if you’re like me and don’t trust your take off
Plantations & Coconuts Left and right reef breaks along this stretch. It’s a strange one, some days there’s no-one out and others it’s absolutely rammed. Always worth a stop and a look
Weligama Beach A beginners heaven of a beach with slow, low-power easy waves rolling and crumbling their way in to shore. Relentlessly. There’s also a million and two surf schools on the beach so crowd levels are high but it’s still worth a visit and the bay is wide enough to wander away from the hotels at the centre and get a smaller, quieter spot
Mirissa Point A very pretty spot to surf and an easy right hand reef point good for beginner and intermediate surfers. But be careful on the way out and in as the inside reef is scattered with urchins
Madiha There’s a slower, deeper water right and a shallower and faster left at this once secret spot. One of our favourite breaks and such a beautiful location


Guest Reviews

We are back in Mumbai (albeit briefly until LA) and already miss Sri Lanka.  What a lovely place you and Ed selected and we feel privileged to have been able to spend some time there. We want to thank you, Ed, Lucy, Josh and the staff at the House for one of the best vacations […]

Richard & Sherie Stoner