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Ah the heady days of the pre-C-19 world. Anyone remember that?

We were just about to launch into a film project to explore sustainability questions around surfers, travel and the climate crisis. For obvious reasons we had to pause that, and since then the global landscape has changed quite a bit.

But our commitment to drastically reduce our carbon footprint has not changed, and one of the first steps we are taking is to partner up with Mossy Earth, and plant two trees for every single person who books a holiday with us.

What is Mossy Earth?

Mossy Earth restores wilderness through rewilding and reforestation projects across a variety of ecosystems around the globe.

Their Projects

Their main aim is to restore ecosystems, promote biodiversity and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

They are not only interested in increasing tree cover, but look for projects that take into account species diversity and functionality, how trees can provide ecosystem services like soil stabilisation and water purification, and their role in providing habitat for local flora and fauna. They also look for projects that can help combat and mitigate climate change – not all reforestation projects are equal, and improper design can actually contribute to increased carbon emissions.

Native oak woodland restoration in Portugal

Amongst other locations, Mossy Earth launched a project here in Portugal in 2017.  Based in central Portugal, it is developing sustainable land management practices to deal with the dominant Portuguese Broom and the ravenous Portuguese summer wildfires, while regenerating native oak woodlands.

Other projects


This project aims to replant areas that have been illegally logged, while also protecting existing old growth forests from further logging and poaching. Romania’s Carpathian Mountains are also home to the largest population of bears, wolves and lynx in Europe, which makes its protection even more important.


Historically, much of the Scottish Highlands were covered in a forest of Scots pine and colourful broadleaf trees, home to a diversity of plants and animals. Today, the landscape is largely devoid of these unique woodlands and many of the species that once thrived here have been lost. The aim is to undo some of this damage and restore the empty glens and hillsides of the Scottish Highlands to rich, wild woodlands.

Restoring the floodplain forests, Slovakia

In April 2020, this project was launched to restore one of the last remnants of Central Europe’s floodplain forests and conserve the diversity of fauna and flora that inhabit the area. Floodplain forests are an important carbon sink and their restoration has the potential to sequester a large amount of carbon and contribute to the fight against the climate crisis.


Ireland was once the most forested country in Europe. Today it has just 11% tree cover, only 2% of which is native forest. Working with a local partner, this project seeks to reforest and rewild a 60 hectare property in an area that currently has no wild forests.

Trust and Transparency

Mossy Earth’s goal is to build the necessary infrastructure so that every individual that contributes to our projects can verify their impact themselves. This includes using photos, GPS coordinates, polygons, open databases, and satellite monitoring

Please read more over on their website

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