Our (Soul &) Surf Guide to the Surf Spots of South Sri Lanka

Like so many before us we fell in love with Sri Lanka’s surf, culture, food & climate on our regular jaunts to the island.

So in 2013 we began hosting surf & yoga holidays here, offering our guests a glimpse into the tropical soulful surfing life that we cherish so much.

The big attraction of surfing this southern coast of Sri Lanka is the sheer variety of breaks within a 40 minute drive. It’s consistent, the water’s warm, and from November to April the wind often allows you at least two sessions a day.

We’re not going to lie and lure you in with promises of no crowds. There are crowds. The main spots can get pretty busy at peak times, but we know this coastline pretty well and we work with local guides – so if you are happy to hunt and you’re lucky, you will get great waves with just a few of you out.

The bottom line is we love the variety here, from mellow longboarding waves to rolling, crumbling beginners waves, to fat A-frames and hollow, shallow reefs – southern Sri Lanka has it all. It’s great for learning, it’s great for improving and there’s enough to keep experts happy too.

The wind is either offshore or non-existent most mornings, and although there are many days when the onshores pick up at around 10 or 11am, the wind usually drops off at sunset. But if you take a gamble and the wind stays offshore you can score the best, emptiest waves in the middle of the day. Just wear a hat. And zinc.

Now you will need to hand over a couple of details and subscribe to our email list to get the guide – but that just signs you up to even more of this good stuff so we’d call that a pretty good trade…

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