Where is Soul & Surf Portugal?

We are located about 6km from the centre of Lagos outside the village of Odiáxere. Using the toll road we are an easy hours’ drive from Faro airport, which is the closest one.

What are the arrival and departure details?

Check in is from 5pm and check out is before 9am.

We need to allow some time to deep clean the rooms and allow them to air after each guest leaves. Normally we’d like to welcome you with open arms at any time of the day but in this new world we’d find ourselves in we need to be pretty strict with our check in and out times. 

How do I get to you?

Plane, train, bus or automobile.

The closest airport is Faro, and you can easily fly direct here from many European hubs.  You can fly return from London for around £100, or from many other European airports for around €140.

For EU flights check out the following budget airlines: easyjet.com / ryanair.com / monarch.co.uk

We tend to browse Skyscanner.net to get the full picture for long-haul flights as they seem to offer the best range of deals from different airlines.

See more instructions on how to get to us <here>.

From the Airport

Airport transfers aren’t included in the cost.  The price for a 4 passenger taxi from the airport is about €100. If you want to make your own way from the airport, we can suggest Yellow Fish transfers & Vibel Taxis as they have set prices per car.

Alternatively, there are many shuttle bus companies operating this part of the algarve, Faro Shuttle Bus that will take you from the airport to Lagos.

We are less than a 10 minute drive from Lagos town center as well as the bus or train station. Your best bet is to then get a taxi or an Uber. 

Can I drop my luggage at your place before check in? 

Unfortunately, no. Our Covid-19 measures are very strict to keep both our guests and staff safe. This means you cannot come to the property earlier than check in, as we need the extra time to deep clean the rooms and air them thoroughly before the next guests arrive.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for the surf? 

Yes!  We recommend you are cardio-fit (swimming is good, as well as running) as you will get a lot more out of the surf.  We have also written some tips here: https://www.soulandsurf.com/getting-surf-trip-fit to help prepare you.

Is it possible to surf in the morning and in the afternoon? 

We don’t run two sessions a day – but if you have the energy & ability to surf more and eat less you’re more than welcome to go as many times as you like! (We can help you organise)

How far is the nearest beach and the closest surf spot?  

We are a 10-minute drive from Lagos and the closest beaches and surf spots. During the summer months we usually head to the west coast, about a 40-minute drive. 

How long are the surf lessons and what is included?

The lessons are a mixture of practical work/learning on the beach plus approximately two hours in the ocean. A lesson includes transportation, wetsuit, board and water – we’ll also chuck in some snacks.  If you want to bring your own suit we suggest bringing a 4mm or 5mm in the colder months. A 3mm should suffice in the summer, but although the water temperature is warm the wind can often make you feel colder, especially on those early morning dawnies. More info here.

Can we get a timetable for the whole week? 

The schedule in Portugal is a little more organic as compared to our other locations and timings will vary depending on the tides (quite literally). The tides here in Algarve have a mind of their own, so our surf and yoga teams work in sync with Mother Nature by following the lunar schedule. The timings of surfing are decided first and the rest of the activities are scheduled around that.

Guests are updated about the schedule on the night of their arrival at the hotel. The schedule is written up on a blackboard at the hotel which guests can see when they arrive.

Are the surf and yoga schedules flexible and are there classes throughout the day? 

They need to be flexible to allow us to change the times of the surf but that’s about it. 

If I come by public transportation how can I get to Lagos on my own? 

Taxis and Ubers are easily available – Uber is usually the easiest as you don’t need cash. 

Will there be WiFi?

Yes! We have 4G routers in the shared living area that serves the main part of the house and outside bar area. This may reach some of the closer rooms but the further away the weaker the signal.

What voltage and plugs do you use?

Portugal has 220 volt electricity and uses the European twin pin type E or F plug.

What’s included

Pick & Mix 2021 

  • Accommodation – A night in a comfy bed. 
  • Bed, Linen and Towels
  • Wi-Fi
  • Breakfast & Light Lunch 
  • Evening Meal 
  • Snacks & Water during Surf Sessions
  • Tea and Coffee available throughout the day
  • Help yourself to as much fruit as you’d like!

What isn’t included – but is very much available.

  • Daily surf lessons with out team of amazing surf instructors
  • Daily yoga classes with our wonderful yoga teachers 
  • Pick up and drop-off, but we can point you in the right direction
  • Snacks & drinks above and beyond the standard meals included
  • Booze
  • Treatments with our in-house therapists
  • One to One Yoga Session
  • A/C is not guaranteed, although some rooms do have it
  • Cave SUP Sessions 

How is the weather, the surf and the water temperature?

The weather in Portugal, like much of Europe, is changeable. The Algarve can benefit from Mediterranean-like weather often being dry and warm.  The summers are hot with very little if any rainfall, but don’t let that fool you. The water can be cold.

Autumn through spring is a lot cooler but still warmer than the rest of Europe – the nights are cold during the winter months, but it never freezes (with highs of 20°c to be expected at midday) during clear bright days. Believe it or not, often the winter brings warmer water temperatures than summer!

It can rain. If coming outside of the summer months bring a raincoat and warm clothes for the evenings and cooler days.

What is the currency? Can I get cash?

The currency used here in Portugal is the Euro, and providing you have the relevant funds in  your account you can get cash out at many of the ATM’s in the area. Check http://www.xe.com/ucc/ for current conversion rates. Most major places accept credit and debit cards but some smaller local places do not, so carry a few Euros around for an espresso or an ice cream.

What food can I expect?

We can cater for most diets here at Soul & Surf, all we ask is you let us know in advance and talk to us to make sure we get it right for you. Meals are light, but packed with sunshine and nutrition to set you up for (and then refuel you) after days spent in the ocean and on the yoga mat. We also have snacks on site too for helping to keep you topped up.

What else is there to do?

Check out the local town of Lagos with its beautiful beaches, marina, cobbled streets and a wide variety of food.

Golf? This area has, apparently, many world class golf resorts and courses where you can bat a ball until your heart’s content.

Seriously though, there’s loads to see and do in the Algarve, we can’t even begin to list everything you could do on a holiday here. Check Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet and Rough Guides, they’re better than we are at this kind of thing.

What do I need to bring?

You really can travel light and most things are easily available here thanks to the expat community but here is a quick reminder list of some basics to bring.

  • Face masks & hand sanitiser, it’s a changing world and luckily the Portuguese are taking Covid-19 very seriously. 
  • Plastic is a huge problem the world over, we encourage all of our guests to bring a reusable water bottle, bamboo toothbrushes & to minimise the use of plastic containers for your soaps and shampoos. 
  • It’s always nice to have your own wetsuit, a 4’3 would suffice most of the year.
  • Swimwear
  • Beach towel
  • Waterproof sunblock and zinc (there are good, coral-safe, natural zincs out there)
  • Sun hat
  • Yoga gear
  • Light clothing, it can be hot!
  • Warm clothing for the cooler evenings, and waterproofs just in case.
  • Some long-sleeved and leg-covering clothes to protect from the sun.
  • A personal first aid kit containing disinfectants, band aids, perhaps some antibiotics.
  • A decent deet based mosquito repellent, especially in the summer months
  • Comprehensive travel insurance that includes watersports.

What are the local medical facilities like?

There is a fairly small hospital in Lagos that can deal with minor scrapes or upsets. For anything bigger, Portimão hospital is only 20 minutes from us and has the best medical facilities in the Algarve.

All you’ll need is your EHIC card or Passport if you are from the European Economic Area and Switzerland…. We’ll see what happens with Brexit for us Brits! 

What amenities do you have?

WIFI in the main living area, shared swimming pool, an indoor lounge and a covered outdoor eating area, a massage & treatment room, a yoga shala, beautiful, lush, gardens, a lemon / citrus grove, fruit trees and an outdoor bar equipped with BBQ, Pizza Oven and outdoor seating.

What about alcoholic drinks?

It’s not included in your stay but it is also not discouraged. We have an outdoor bar that we’ll keep stocked with local beer & wine. 

Are towels supplied?

Yes we supply towels for your room and towels for the swimming pool, but please bring your own beach towel.

Do I need a visa?

Applying for a Portuguese visa is not required for nationalities from the EU countries (who may stay for an unlimited period, but must register with the local authorities after three months). Residents from Australia, Canada, or the USA can stay up to 90 days. Other nationals are advised to check visa requirements. F@%k know’s what happens for us Brits but for now we’re all good!

Can I use my phone?

Not at the dinner table and definitely don’t take it to the yoga shala! Other than that yes. Most international networks work in Portugal, and European providers often include calls, texts and data usage as part of your usual allowance.  Charges may apply and will really stack up if you need to use your phone regularly.

Can I bring my children?

We very much welcome families coming to stay with us and do what we can to make it affordable and workable with the kids. But we have to be realistic too, we’ve got a small number of rooms so we need to get income from them when they’re being used.

So if we can add extra beds or a cot to your room we can keep things very reasonable, if the kids need their own room we have to charge the normal rate. 

We love the kids to join in with whatever we can reasonably allow them to do. Surfing is an inherently dangerous activity so we have to have some limitations. Talk to the yoga teacher when you arrive if you’d like your kids to try yoga. It has to be at the yoga teachers discretion and not to the detriment of our other yogis’ experience. There’s plenty of other stuff we can fully allow the kids to get involved with. 

Are there surf shops nearby?

Yes, some very good ones in Lagos and Sagres that have you covered. No doubt we’ll stop in at one or two throughout your stay. Don’t be offended if we don’t visit them with you, our willpower is weak and we will spend a month’s wages in a day if we could!

Online complaints

We strive to make sure your trip with us exceed expectations, but if for any reason it doesn’t, let us know and we will do our best to put it right. If you do feel you want to take it further you can fill in the online complaints book found below. Our AL number is 53524