Conditions & Breaks

We’ve chosen this area to have access to both the south and west coasts of the Algarve. Within a 45 minute drive we can access so many beaches offering up different types of waves, depending on the conditions.  

In the summer months the west coast picks up all available swell that the Atlantic has to offer with consistent waves generated by the constant north winds. The west coast consists of mainly beach breaks that offer great white water conditions for beginners and fun unbroken waves in smaller conditions..

During bigger swells the west coast really lights up and offers more challenging waves for those surfers looking to test themselves.

With these these conditions the swell wraps around Cape St-Vincent delivering waves to the beaches of Sagres and the south coast. Sagres has a few different beaches facing different directions. The waves are usually a little smaller around Sagres but offer up fast, fun waves for you to test yourself.

It’s during autumn and winter that Portugal is blessed with South swells providing us with a lot of options closer to home.

With the right wind and the right conditions, you’ll likely find nicely groomed 2-3 ft waves hitting the shores. Portugal receives consistent swell year-round and Lagos is perfectly positioned to make the most of both the West and the South coasts and to maximise our chances of finding some sheltered waves.

Spring & Summer March – September

Spring and summer is when the Algarve is at its warmest and with (very) consistent winds blowing from the north there is always a wave on the west coast. This is the season to expect small and playful waves and at this time of year we will be keeping an eye out for ‘Lavante’ swells generated by the East winds blowing from the mediterranean that allow for some summertime southcoast waves. For the busier tourism months from June through September we will head to our base on Castelejo. These months the wind tends to be like clockwork, being very light in the morning and building through the day. For this reason we head out early to catch the windless and proverbial worm. 

Autumn & Winter   October – February

Autumn through spring is an exciting time as a surfer to explore the Algarve, although the nights are cold, it’s often still warm enough in the day to wear t-shirts and shorts. The waves are bigger and more consistent at this time of year and often the water is warmer than in the summer. Those big north westerly swells that track through the Atlantic can wrap around into some hidden coves and beaches along the South coast lighting up the point breaks and beachies.