We work with our therapists to provide creative, flowing treatments where no two treatments are the same. Our therapists are more than just masseurs. They work with minds and souls as much as they do with bodies, creating a genuine, human connection with you through initial consultations and sessions over the course of your stay. This is so they can  find out where you’re at, what your needs are, and tailor a bespoke therapy just for you. Combining intuitive contact, body awareness, breath work and connecting with the moment, we’ll work with your whole body in a gentle, caring way.

And if you’re just wanting to soothe your tired surf & yoga limbs and muscles, we can obviously help you out with that.

Everyone can benefit from our therapies, not least in these…let’s say…challenging times in life. Anyone else been feeling particularly “scrunched” lately?! It goes without saying, though, that in our treatments space we will be taking cleanliness even more seriously than usual. The space will be cleaned thoroughly between each treatment to ensure it is compliant with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of Covid-19.

We offer a special range of signature treatments for you to experience during your stay with us in the Quinta. Chat to our therapist to find out which are best suited to you.

Therapeutic Massage

Through intuitive listening the therapist addresses the physical and energetic issues by gently steering the body towards its own natural healing abilities and opening up the potential for deep releasing of all kinds. This restorative and deeply relaxing massage consists of continuous, and slow fluid movements creating balance between the mind and body.

75 | 90 Mins

Deep Release Massage

Tailored to suit each individual, the therapist will use deeper pressure and more focused massage to allow relief to the depths of your muscles. This is an effective treatment to promote change in the body by improving the movement and function. Using a combination of deep and relaxing methods, the body and mind will be left feeling balanced and nourished.

75 | 90 Mins


Pre-booking & cancellation policy

Please book any treatments you would like before you arrive. You can do this when you make your booking by adding the treatment as an extra item if you have already decided, or, if you have already booked or want to ask a few questions before you decide, email us here

Please note that as spaces are limited, our cancellation policy is as follows;

  • Cancelled more than 1 week before arrival- no charge
  • Cancelled less than 1 week before arrival – 50%
  • Cancelled on arrival or after – full charge

Of course, if there’s space, you can choose your treatments when you’re with us but the risk is that we will already be fully booked.

Please Note: All of the treatments presented here are extra to your accommodation price and will be billed to your room.