Food & Drink

We love to eat. And to drink. We do it all the time.

The defining moments of many people’s stay at Soul & Surf over the years have been the communal, post-surf meals in our gardens. These late, leisurely, long breakfasts, lunches and dinners tend to be the time when things are organised, like-minded people are met, plans are made and friendships blossom. When we set up Soul & Surf all those years ago, this social scene was the most surprising and most valuable part of the experience.

We serve up what we like to call Sunshine Food. You can expect a menu of nourishing, hearty meals made up of amazing local Portuguese produce, designed to feed your souls and restore you after a day well spent in the surf and/or the yoga studio.

So if you’re expecting juice fasts and #cleaneating, that’s not what you’re in for. Instead, you’ll find just the right amount of naughty indulgence and restorative goodness. That’s the kind of balance we’re after.