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We’ve got reviews galore of Soul & Surf India which will give you a good idea of what we’re about. But of course … “You’re not going to publish reviews about a cock-roach infested flea-pit staffed by arrogant idiots” we hear you cry.  Fair point, if we did get reviews like that we probably wouldn’t publish them.We don’t get m(any) of those but if you don’t believe us have a butchers at  the no-holds barred  reviews we get on Trip Advisor.

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The perfect way to experience India

Joshua Secomb, Australia Aug 15 2015

Creative Director – Surf Hardware International (FCS, Gorilla, Headhunter Sunscreen)

Staying with Ed and Sofie at Soul and Surf was the most relaxing part of our whirlwind of a journey through India. The accommodation is relaxing sophisticated and simple. The perfect way to experience India.

Ed and Sofie were amazing hosts

Sheri, Candice, Armando, Dean. Brisbane, Australia Aug 15 2015

We are in absolute awe of Ed and Sofie! Apart from having one of the best jobs in the world and sharing how much they enjoy this part of India. Ed and Sofie were amazing hosts in so many ways. It was the little things which made our stay so memorable; The early smiles on the way to the beach, fresh bowl of flowers at the breakfast table each day, the extra effort made to meet any food requirements we had and the amazing breakfasts made with love each morning. Sofie’s Yoga classes taken on the rooftop amongst the trees was defiantly a great way to feel enlightened. While with the assistance of Ed’s surf guidance we were all standing on our surfboards by the end of our stay. The list of delightful memories is long , but we all agree the most memorable moment was watching the dolphins swim by while sitting on our surfboards. Our Stay was made so much easier with their guidance and local knowledge of Ed & Sofie. We wish our one week trip could of been a month.
Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts. Hope to see you again xox”

Thank you for everything

Alena, Dubai Aug 15 2015

I am back in Dubai in the same old life which is not so bad but still feel like going back to Varkala right now!!!! I had amazing time and I would like to Thank you for everything!!!! I’ve never been in such a place where I would feel so comfortable right away and enjoyed every single minute!!! You are doing a great job so please keep on going so I can come to see you sometime again :):):)

Money Doesn't Buy It

Sophie, UK Jun 05 2015

Money doesn’t buy stays like this.

always enthusiastic, kind, gracious

Clancy Martin May 13 2015

We are guests of yours (from May 9-May 25) at Soul and Surf. We are having a very nice time, thank you, but we wanted to say in particular how grateful we are that you have Sunil working here. He has done a superb job with helping us with the most odd requests (including finding us a palmist, an astrologer, a gemologist, a jeweler), and he is always enthusiastic, kind, gracious, tireless, patient, gentle, professional, friendly and thoughtful. We are writers for the New York Times and Vice, among other papers and magazines, and we travel a lot, and stay in a lot of hotels of all different kinds, and we have rarely if ever come across someone as good at his job as Sunil. He is always here, always working, always solving problems. Even on his day off he was here and took an hour of his time to help us. We can’t express strongly enough how he seems, at times, to carry the whole hotel on his shoulders. (That said, all of your staff have been terrific).
Thanks very much, we hope to stay here again or at one of your “pop-ups” soon,
Clancy Martin (NYT, Contributing Editor at Harper’s) and Amie Barrodale (NYT, Editor at Vice)

waaaay better than Disneyland

Carla Power Dec 27 2014

We’re friends of Jon, and fellow Brightonians, have just had a wonderful week at Soul and Surf…we cannot praise Amrith, Rafi, and all the wonderful surf and yoga instructors highly enough–they were patient and helpful, even when my husband Ant broke his toe and I proved to have the upper body strength of a gerbil…Our kids Nic and Lia adored it, and went so far as to pronounce it “waaaay better than Disneyland.” You can die happy now, eh?

At any rate, a huge thanks and congrats at having created such a special place..we had a lovely time chatting to your dad, Sofie–a great guy!

Hope our paths cross, either on British or Indian shores!

Made us feel so very welcome!

Fern Wells, UK Apr 15 2014

The guys at Soul & Surf sourced a cot for my 20 month old daughter, helped me find a swimming tub for the garden and kindly accommodated a strong-willed little lady marching naked around the garden, demanding to see the puppy next door. They cooked her eggs and porridge even when the cafe was closed and generally made us feel so very welcome. This was just what I needed for my first solo trip with my baby – an environment where I could feel safe and happy but free

One of my favourites

Rosie, UK Mar 14 2014

This has to be one of my favourite places i have ever stayed. From breakfast on the first day i felt completely at home here and never wanted to leave. This place has the perfect set up, a huge satisfying breakfast after the early morning surf , a stunning cliff top location looking out over the sea, yoga on the rooftop at sunset, pizza and open air cinema evenings on the cliff top. The whole place has a great sociable atmosphere which is perfect if your travelling on your own, and the staff completely make this place what it is, a wonderful bunch of friendly people who make you feel welcomed into the surf and soul family

a feeling of community

Lea Marsden Dec 10 2013

I spent 10 days in November at Soul and Surf and it was without a doubt the best holiday I’ve ever been on. The buildings were beautifully done, a chilled boho vibe. The rooms were super clean and homely. The gardens are stunning, looking out over the Arabian sea, truly one of the most peaceful and beautiful places I’ve seen. The surf instructors and assistants were patient, positive and very humorous! The surf lessons were awesome and it was always a real treat when we had kids join us.
The yoga was fantastic. Watching the sunset over the ocean every evening whilst doing yoga created a beautiful and grateful atmosphere. The best thing about Soul and Surf was a feeling of community. We all ate breakfast (always delicious) together, sat in the grounds; there was plenty of opportunities to meet people which as a solo traveller was really important.

driven yet balanced and overwhelmingly positive approach

Johnny & Olivia, London Oct 15 2012

Where do I start to thank you for your kind hospitality? Well… pretty much from our first correspondence with you we figured it was going to be exactly what we were looking for. Ed’s honed website skills had us convinced it would be a nice place to stay but what really made it for us was you guys and your approach to having guests stay. I could have done nothing (guilt free) all week and still have felt part of what was going on around me. You provide opportunity to do all manner of activities and yet don’t push in the slightest. You provide a whole house to stay in with a bottomless fridge of beer and soft drinks, laundry service if required and spacious, clean and maintained rooms. Confirmation of our endorsement comes in the form of sacking off two separate Kerala destinations in favour of staying with you for three extra days. Your enthusiasm for yoga and surfing got Olivia touching her toes and me up (and photographed) on a surf board. I’m not sure it stops there though, you mentioned Soul & Surf is an experiment. To me it seems your driven yet balanced and overwhelmingly positive approach to what you do is what you live for and the reason for your success.
There is also the small matter of how much fun we had with you guys. Being such great hosts is one thing but being so cool with it seems like you are just cheating somehow. We are so pleased to have met you and look forward to seeing you again.

Truly inspiring and lovely people

Helen, Cornwall Feb 10 2012

Thanks for a great stay at Soul & Surf…truly amazing trip and so nice to take time out! Truly inspiring and lovely people and actually our stay was just great and have a lovely moleskin full of notes and now working my way through the ‘to do’ list!

the surfing equipment is in excellent shape

Nestor, Toronto, Canada Feb 07 2011

Soul and Surf provides a unique Indian surfing experience. The waves are fun, the accommodations are bright and airy and hosts Sofie and Ed’s warm smiles make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. Ed is very knowledgeable of the various local breaks and for people renting boards, the surfing equipment is in excellent shape. To top it off Sofie is a great cook

Guest Reviews

I am back in Dubai in the same old life which is not so bad but still feel like going back to Varkala right now!!!! I had amazing time and I would like to Thank you for everything!!!! I’ve never been in such a place where I would feel so comfortable right away and enjoyed […]

Alena, Dubai