Food & Drink

We love to eat. And to drink. I bet you do too.

Kerala has some really great produce — abundant seafood, incredible tropical fruits and vegetables — and a wonderful culinary heritage. And there are so many great local and tourist restaurants around, not to mention an incredible lady who cooks home-style Kerala vegetarian food from her family kitchen which you eat in the garden by the cow shed, so we heartily recommend you try as much of that stuff as you can, we have compiled a hit list which you’ll find in the local info folder in your room.

We have our own little cafe – Soul Food Cafe – serving your daily breakfast plus we also have lunches, snacks and drinks for sale through the day. We try to offer an internationally inspired alternative to all the other local offerings, stuff that’s not so easy to find in these parts combined with our favourite local classics. Plus we do a great Barbecue evening an a couple of Pizza nights from our authentic, Italian made, wood-fired pizza oven.

We tend to eat breakfast together, as a group, with some of the Soul & Surf team at the table too because these social times, spinning yarns and setting the world to rights, are the cornerstone of most guests holidays and where plans are hatched and friendships made.

Guest Reviews

Thanks for a great stay at Soul & Surf…truly amazing trip and so nice to take time out! Truly inspiring and lovely people and actually our stay was just great and have a lovely moleskin full of notes and now working my way through the ‘to do’ list!

Helen, Cornwall