Food & Drink

We love to eat. And to drink. I bet you do too.

The defining moments of many people’s stay at Soul & Surf over the years have been the communal, post surf, breakfasts in our garden. These late, leisurely, long breakfasts tend to be the times that things are organised, like-minded people are met, plots are hatched and friendships blossomed. When Ed & Sofie set up Soul & Surf all those years ago this social scene was the most surprising and also the most valuable part of the experience.

Our main cafe is an open-side shelter from the sun overlooking the Arabian sea plus we have some tables and chairs dotted around the garden for lunches and afternoon snacks.


We tend to eat a hearty breakfast all together late, around 10-10.30am which is included in your stay. If you decide not to surf and are wasting away, of course we’ll organise an earlier breakfast for you from about 8.30 onwards. Give the cafe team as much warning as you can if you need an early breakfast. Breakfast alternates between some classic south Indian breakfasts and some western classics with a fruit plate, local Kerala coffee, Indian tea and a fresh juice. It’s all designed to be healthy and filling at the same time.

Lunch & Dinner

Lunch is served from 1pm until 4pm and dinner from 6pm to 9pm our food is a mix of South Indian, Indian street food, Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Mexican and Mediterranean dishes and salads using our great local produce in slightly unusual ways.


We serve great coffee, sourced from the local highlands, tea, masala chai and a whole heap of juices, coolers and of course Kerala’s very own coconuts. And cake. We make our own cakes and we eat our own cakes. Very quickly. Yum.

We don’t have a licence to sell alcohol and unlike so many of the other spots around we’re not prepared to risk the trip to the Varkala cells by selling it anyway. Guests can buy their own booze and bring it to their rooms and we can help facilitate that, but unfortunately that’s as much as we can do.

Kerala Sadhya

We also work with Shankari Chechi, our local staff cook in our cafe every Sunday to put on a huge Keralan feast known as a Sadhya, and we promise you she makes the best Keralan food we have ever eaten. All the income we collect from this meal goes to support Shankari Chechi and her family in the village. We need a minimum number of 5 people to organise a dinner with Shankari Chechi so you can speak with one of our staff members on site if you are a group of 5 people or more and they can organise a local Keralan feast for you.



Guest Reviews

Soul and Surf provides a unique Indian surfing experience. The waves are fun, the accommodations are bright and airy and hosts Sofie and Ed’s warm smiles make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. Ed is very knowledgeable of the various local breaks and for people renting boards, the surfing equipment is in excellent […]

Nestor, Toronto, Canada