Hey, this is Soul & Surf at home.

You know how the days seem to just blur into one at the moment, Thisday, Thatday, Theother day, Anotherday?

You know how some days it seems pointless changing out of your pyjamas so you have day-pyjamas and night-pyjamas?

You know those plans you’re making to structure your day with nourishing activities that get thrown out the window once you’ve got distracted during Joe Wicks YouTube workout session at 9am?

You know that feeling at 4 o’clock that you deserve a G&T and some Pringles, which in turn leads to ditching the green buddha bowl idea and slamming the chips in the oven?

Nope? Oh, errrr.. Just us then?

Hey, we’re not going to solve all your problems with a PDF and Zoom. But as has always been our mission at Soul & Surf, we plan to bring a little chunk of extra positivity back.  A bit of nourishment for the soul & the body, a bit of feel-good community activities, a bit of motivation to get up and at ‘em, without getting all eat, pray, love on yo’ ass.

There’s this new thing we’ve discovered called the internet. It means some of our amazing team of yogis, surf coaches, cooks and hosts who, like you, are stuck at home, can bring their magic to your home.

Yep, you guessed it Soul & Surf is going online.

The brilliant thing we’ve learned after our first experiment, is it kinda works. Not quite like the real thing, not like coming to stay with us in India, Sri Lanka or Portugal, but pretty damn good. And we can offer our kind of experience for a fraction of the normal cost, if you’ll let us do it round your house.

So, until you’re allowed to travel again, we bring you: Soul & Surf. At Home.


Pause: Online Weekend Retreats

Join us from your living room for a full weekend of Soul & Surf At Home. Yoga, food, workshops, talks, fitness, music, community, presented by downright good souls. Piped down your internet.



Need a small but regular dose of goodness? We’ve crafted a set of regular weekday classes.


10% For Our Causes

Soul & Surf At Home is the only way we have right now of financially supporting our team members around the world, in India, Sri Lanka, Portugal and the UK.  And it’s an attempt, however small, to give something back to causes close to our hearts. We’ll be donating 10% of sales from Soul & Surf At Home to support charity and community initiatives. This will allow us to continue supporting Surfers Against Sewage via our commitment to give 1% For the Planet and SISP, our charity partner in Kerala – in addition to donating towards the NHS Covid-19 Urgent Appeal.