Daily Surf Guide

If you’re already an experienced surfer and beginner lessons aren’t for you then join the daily surf guide (Sunday to Friday, with a rest day on Wednesdays). We’ll always have a qualified instructor and maybe an assistant on the guides depending on how many guests we have. We’ll use the combination of our experienced instructors and born & bred local assistants to make sure we find the right surf breaks for your level and to try to avoid the crowds in peak surf season. With the combination of local and professional experience we’ll aim to help you improve and develop your surfing— if that’s what you want — with tips, instruction and some video correction sessions. If you just want to surf, that’s fine too, we’ll go out on the hunt both morning and evening to get a good couple of sessions in a day if you’re keen.

May to October is when the surf guides become more interesting and we turn into explorers! The low season can be wet, wild and windier so we take a gamble and seek out the sheltered spots and the pay off can be empty waves to ourselves. It won’t be easy though, it can be a tough paddle and a lot of duck diving.

For more details of where we’ll surf see our Conditions & Breaks page.

Equipment Available

We have a full stock of boards at your disposal throughout your stay so if you want to travel light you can leave your board at home. We’ve got everything from 6ft short boards through fun boards, mini-mals, long-boards and a good range of beginners foam boards so that whatever your level and however you progress we’ve got the right board for you and the conditions. Contact us here if you have a particular board request and we’ll see how well we can match it.

We’ve got all the other stuff you need from leashes, to wax plus we’ll give each of you a Soul & Surf surf-shirt so there is pretty much nothing to bring except for surf/swim wear, reef boots and water-proof sunscreen.

Unless of course you have a favourite board that you just cannot live without (we’re with you on that one).

Kids Surf Guide Policy

Safety and professionalism are the cornerstones of surf coaching at Soul & Surf. This is even more true when working with kids, we cannot ask our instructors to go beyond what their qualifications and governing bodies advise them to.

  • Under 6 — we cannot accept on surf guides or lessons.
  • From 6 to 12 — experienced kids can join guides with their parents or guardians if you can demonstrate your child’s swimming and surfing ability but we require a parent or guardian to be in the water super-vising the child at all times as our instructors will have other guests to attend to.
  • From 12 – 16 — surf guides are available with parental supervision.

Email us if you need to discuss further.

Guest Reviews

We are back in Mumbai (albeit briefly until LA) and already miss Sri Lanka.  What a lovely place you and Ed selected and we feel privileged to have been able to spend some time there. We want to thank you, Ed, Lucy, Josh and the staff at the House for one of the best vacations […]

Richard & Sherie Stoner