Meet Adam!

Photo: Peter Chamberlain

What do you do at Soul & Surf

I am the assistant manager at Soul & Surf Portugal as well working closely with all things surf across all of S&S.

Where’s home?

Right now, it is in Portugal. Myself and Rachel moved here in February. Before that it was 6 years in Cornwall via Kerala and Southern Sri Lanka.


Don’t be so rude. 

Photo: Peter Chamberlain

Best thing about living in the Algarve? 

It has a little of everything; it’s sunny, the beaches, there is so much variety  from the tourist hot spots on the south coast to the wilder, more remote, almost Cornish west coast. Portugal also has great food and wine and I’m really enjoying eating my way around! Within a few hours from S&S I can be in Seville or Lisbon and I’m looking forward to using the Algarve as a base to explore more of Portugal and Europe.

How did you come to join the Soul & Surf family?

Fluke. After our first winter in Cornwall, a brutal one at that, I saw an ad on Facebook advertising a job as a surf coach in India for 5 months. f*%k yeah! Apply I did!

Rachel and I had a couple of terrible interviews with Ed via skype. I was surprised when he & Sofie offered us the job!

Photo: Katie Rae

What inspires you about your work? 

The people, the scenery, the food, Mother Nature. 

What does Soul mean to you? 

People, the planet, food, Aretha, Marvin, Erykah, James Brown, Bobby Womack, Sam Cooke, Jill & Gil I could go on. It’s all in the music. 

Photo: Katie Rae

Intrigued?! Get to know the man himself at Soul & Surf Portugal – book here.

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