Soul & Surf Kit

The brands and products we stock in the shop will be careful picked, brands and products with a story we like, things that turn heads, stuff that stands out, we aim for every item to help tell our story. Better to start small and be 100% amazing then go for the easy ‘surfy’ sellers of middle of the road accessories. We want to bring a bit of a wow moment to our customers day. A book that makes them think, a board that makes them drool, a clothing item that turns their head, a poster that reminds them of their experience and all under-pinned with an integrity and sense of meaning missing from most retailers. We will be bold, we will take risks, we will trust our instincts, we won’t say ‘That’ll do.

Guest Reviews

Creative Director – Surf Hardware International (FCS, Gorilla, Headhunter Sunscreen) Staying with Ed and Sofie at Soul and Surf was the most relaxing part of our whirlwind of a journey through India. The accommodation is relaxing sophisticated and simple. The perfect way to experience India.

Joshua Secomb, Australia