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Holiday Mindset Coaching Sessions with Verity

After years of development working through body work with people who come to Soul and Surf looking for a different inspiration, we realized how meaningful the combination of surfing, yoga and therapies can be. Our guests get to understand how emotional and psychological blockages can find source in the body and eventually reach a deeper understanding of life seeing it from a different perspective. The idea is to inspire you to set intentions to take back home.

In this process of discovery, we have incorporated life coaching.  This is a perfect time to get curious about where you might need more movement or clarity in your life, whether that is in personal or professional spheres.

The coach assists you to emotionally unpack, explore with curiosity and return home lighter – choosing consciously what to leave behind and what to take with you.Unlike the body work, life coaching will work through verbal interaction. The aim is the same, inspiring you to work on yourself.

Clarity Session | 75 min | LKR 16,000

For those looking for more information or clarity around a specific topic or challenge. With 75 minutes we together we work on increasing awareness and giving you a macro view of a topic – finishing with commitment and choice. It is designed to restore flow, to get you into action on today’s issues in a way that brings you back into alignment and back in control of your life.

Discovery Session | 75 min | LKR 16,000

A deep dive into your world, packed with insightful resources to help you continue your exploration. For a discovery session you do not need to be working on a particular topic or challenge, this is for anyone interested in introspection, exploration and inspiration – the identification of core values, limiting beliefs and re-establishing life balance.

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Guest Reviews

Back in Manchester now and its hard to believe two days ago i was swimming in an infinity pool overlooking Koggala lake, after an amazing surf followed by breakfast whilst watching monkeys swinging in the trees, looking forward to lunch, followed by a yoga session on the veranda, then another surf, a beer at the […]

David Phipps