Risk. Soul. Balance. These are things we strive for, whether it’s in our daily rituals, the places we travel to or the people we meet. Soul & Surf was founded on these principles, and it’s what we look for in the boards we ride, the clothes we wear, the books we read to what we put onto our skin. Our shop is a curation of such kit (harking back to those school day kit bags), from surf magazines who vow to plant one tree for every copy sold, to some of the most inspiring, ethical and innovative brands. All with a genuine story to ttell

Kit. is our what we call our little shop’s on site in Kerala, Sri Lanka and Portugal, where we celebrate the movers and shakers, independents and creators.

We’re proud to be stocking the following brands:
Salt Gypsy
Dick Pearce Bellyboards
DO Books

COTO in Sri Lanka

Gulfstream in Sri Lanka

Guest Reviews

Back in Manchester now and its hard to believe two days ago i was swimming in an infinity pool overlooking Koggala lake, after an amazing surf followed by breakfast whilst watching monkeys swinging in the trees, looking forward to lunch, followed by a yoga session on the veranda, then another surf, a beer at the […]

David Phipps