The c-word.  It has changed the whole world, and forced many of us to re-think habits and routines we wouldn’t think twice about. Anyone remember hugs & handshakes?

We have always taken cleanliness and hygiene seriously at our hotels, but in light of Covid-19, we have created our own internal protocol that meets both Sri Lankan and international guidelines.

Please read on for a summary of our safety protocols, but feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns <click to show address>

We’ve adapted our offer to guests to meet with best practice rules & guidelines.

  • All of our staff are trained to the highest standards to keep themselves and guests safe.
  • All staff will wear face masks and gloves whilst in the hotel and around guests.
  • We have dedicated procedures designed to ensure that the contact between staff & guests is kept to a minimum.
  • We have limited the number of rooms available, halving our capacity.
  • The rooms will be deep cleaned and aired between 2-4 hours before guests can check in.
  • Each room will have its own dedicated bathroom, ensuring that no bathroom is shared.
  • All surfaces, door handles, touchpoints and furniture will be regularly cleaned.
  • Special measures will be put in place to keep the pool clean & safe.
  • All group yoga & surf sessions will ensure social distance rules are followed, and there will be no contact from teachers or surf coaches. Unless perhaps you’re drowning. But you’ve done something terribly wrong if you’re drowning in a yoga class.
  • One-to-one yoga and therapy sessions are available, and will be by their nature more hands on than the group yoga sessions. The teacher or therapist will ensure both the safety of themselves and guests, making sure the spaces and equipment are deep cleaned between sessions.
  • We have limited the number of guests able to travel in each vehicle to 2 surfers and one driver when heading out on the daily surf.
  • We will be following all regulations laid down by the local authorities to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Guest Reviews

Creative Director – Surf Hardware International (FCS, Gorilla, Headhunter Sunscreen) Staying with Ed and Sofie at Soul and Surf was the most relaxing part of our whirlwind of a journey through India. The accommodation is relaxing sophisticated and simple. The perfect way to experience India.

Joshua Secomb, Australia