Daily Surf Guide

Every morning, usually at 6.45am, we jump in the jeep or the ambassador and take our experienced surfer guests on a little exploration of the local beaches, points and river mouths to find the best wave we can for your ability then we’ll get you back in time for a delicious communal breakfast in the garden. If you’re still keen to surf later in the day, have a word with one of our surf team by 2pm and we’ll arrange an afternoon session for the die-hards. Be warned that most days the on-shores start at 11am and it really cuts the waves up… So if you want an afternoon session pray for cloud cover as that holds the on-shores back.

That could mean a short hop to Golden Beach, just down the steps from our clifftop gardens, ‘Eds’ a rocky point just north of here which is the only genuinely busy spot these days, Shirley’s to the south, our favourite jetty break Jengos if there’s some size, River Temple or even Kovalam’s reef on the odd-day that it works. There’s still room for discovery so we could even go further afield to explore Moustachios, Kollam jetty or even Poovar if the whole guide group is up for a mission.

The surf is fun yet at most spots it breaks pretty fast on the shallow sandbanks, it’s hardly ever flat and other surfers are few and far between except at the hotspots of Kovalam and nowadays Eds is becoming a hotspot and has attracted a following of travelling surfers from within India and around the world, particularly from December to February.

Equipment Available

We have a full stock of boards for hire  throughout your stay so if you want to travel light you can leave your board at home. We’ve got everything from 6ft short boards through fun boards, mini-mals to long-boards  so that whatever your level and however you progress we’ve got the right board for you and the conditions. Contact us here if you have a particular board request and we’ll see how well we can match it.

We’ve got all the other stuff you need from leashes, to wax so there is pretty much nothing to bring except for surf/swim wear, rash-vest for sun protection, shorts for girls when surfing in rural areas and water-proof sunscreen.

Unless of course you have a favourite board that you just cannot live without (we’re with you on that one).

Kids Surf Guide Policy

Safety and professionalism are the cornerstones of surf  at Soul & Surf. This is even more true when working with kids, we cannot ask our instructors to go beyond what their qualifications and governing bodies advise them to.

  • Under 6 — we cannot accept on surf guides or lessons.
  • From 6 to 12 — experienced kids can join guides with their parents or guardians if you can demonstrate your child’s swimming and surfing ability but we require a parent or guardian to be in the water super-vising the child at all times as our instructors will have other guests to attend to.
  • From 12 – 16 — surf guides are available with parental supervision.

Email us if you need to discuss further.

Guest Reviews

Soul and Surf provides a unique Indian surfing experience. The waves are fun, the accommodations are bright and airy and hosts Sofie and Ed’s warm smiles make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. Ed is very knowledgeable of the various local breaks and for people renting boards, the surfing equipment is in excellent […]

Nestor, Toronto, Canada