It’s no accident that we’re called SOUL & Surf. For us it’s more than just being Soul Surfers, it’s the balance of all things soulful with surfing that defines our attitude. When we first set up here in Kerala in 2010 we were terrified of being stuck with a load of meat-heads talking macho surf s%*t all day long so we tried to put them off by making our website pink and putting soulful stuff to the forefront of what we do.

So the yoga, the meditation, the therapy, the music, the food and the people we employ to bring the soul attracts a great bunch of people to come and stay here and gives us all a really well rounded experience, gently nudging at a few boundaries and hopefully creating a slightly happier you.

If you’re thinking about coming to stay at a Surf & Yoga place in India you’re more than likely already relatively inclined towards living a healthy lifestyle. You can take that as far (or not) as you like with us. We are, of course, into healthy pursuits but perhaps that’s because we have been known to enjoy some of the… ermmm… less healthy leisure options available to us westerners. So what we’re trying to say is come and stay, exercise, practice yoga, treat yourself to massages, enjoy the ayurvedic treatments on offer locally, heck, maybe even meditate but we’re not going to lock you up if you also like to unwind with a few drinks in the evening. If surfing’s not your thing you can still have a full week or two of pampering and developing through our range of practices and treatments to leave you feeling invigorated, inspired and ready to take on the world again.

Guest Reviews

The guys at Soul & Surf sourced a cot for my 20 month old daughter, helped me find a swimming tub for the garden and kindly accommodated a strong-willed little lady marching naked around the garden, demanding to see the puppy next door. They cooked her eggs and porridge even when the cafe was closed […]

Fern Wells, UK