Sitting on a beach in Panama, Christmas 2008, Ed & Sofie Templeton decided it was now or never to quit their jobs and do something different with their lives. Nine months later they sold the business, rented the house out and set off on a round-the-world-on-a-shoestring adventure with an open mind and no responsibilities…

They set up a little patch of paradise in Kerala, India as an experiment, a lifestyle choice, a reaction to the hectic media lives they’d been living, to enjoy the things they love – surfing, yoga, community and good healthy food whilst immersing themselves in Southern India’s way of life for a while. And almost by accident Soul & Surf grew so popular it became a proper business. They met like-minded souls from the local area, from the Indian cities and from around the world who joined the team and made it into what it is today.

Which is a burgeoning, growing, soulful business which believes in the power of people, in the protection of the environment and that business can be done with heart and soul. A business with its heart still in Kerala whilst spreading its wings and its ethos of Soul & Surf to other equally inspirational corners of the globe. 

Sri Lanka was our second permanent venture, a hop, skip and a jump away from Kerala. Portugal became our third home in 2019, in an area we have been visiting regularly since 2008 when we rocked up in our camper-van and free camped by a secluded beach for a month.

Which brings us to 2020 and, well, COVID-19 is happening. Like many, many other businesses, we’re having to pivot; in 2020, the year that we will celebrate our tenth birthday, we are – at least for now – unable to operate in any of our real-life locations and instead are launching our first online offerings. Who’d have thunk?