Pause Weekends

Pause is paused (for now)

As we slowly tiptoe back into — whisper it — normality, we are focusing our energy on opening up our real life retreats. Soul & Surf Portugal has opened its doors, and we hope to have some news about Kerala and Sri Lanka soon too.

So for the time being, we are pausing Pause.  We actually really liked it, so we’re taking some time to work out how we bring it with us back into real life.  (Our Weeklies are still on, bringing yoga classes to you at home.)

A Soul & Surf weekend, round your place

The problem with all the days blurring into one right now, is that we kinda lose our weekends. How to stay motivated when we lose our sense of structure?

We can help you with that. Pause is our online retreat weekend, featuring as many of the components that make up our usual Soul & Surf retreats as we can possibly deliver to you via a screen – food, yoga, surf chat, pranayama, meditation, self-massage, films, surf fitness, discussions & music. Phew! All hail Zoom.

Hosted over two days (BST), Pause is a chance to take stock, to bring both movement and stillness into your home, and to join some familiar faces from the Soul & Surf team around the world in doing so.

Careful. Side effects include inspiration, connection and really good abs.

If you’ve stayed with us before, you’ll know that bringing people together and creating a sense of community is a huge part of why we do what we do – it’s always been about more than just a bed for the night or a few surf and yoga lessons.

We won’t lie to you, replicating that without getting to hang out in person isn’t easy. But we think it’s doable. In fact, even we have been pleasantly surprised by the outcome of our first foray into this brave new world. Our first experiment wasn’t *quite* as good as sharing stories around the breakfast table in Kerala… but it might have been the next best thing. The yoga and fitness sessions will remind you of some of your muscles too, which is always a bonus.

Reviews (because nobody says it better than our guests)

“Dear all at Soul and Surf, I wanted to write to say thank you for the amazing Pause weekend. 

This has been a particularly tough time for me. Normally when you are diagnosed with breast cancer you have your friends and family around, they can come support you when you go to appointment and you can do nice things to distract yourself, but this has been very tricky with Covid. I have watched a lot of box sets and walked my poor dogs legs off. During radiotherapy they were asking me “what nice things are you going to do with the weekend” and I was at a loss of what to say. Then you gave me a place on your weekend. 

The Pause weekend was an amazing break from it all. I slept better than I had in weeks. The yoga practices were great for strengthening and getting rid of trapped bad energy and emotions. The surf lessons and board information was good fun.

The food was as you said sunshine food and seeing everyone at the sessions and music was such a positive thing and made me feel normal and know that this won’t be forever. 

At radiotherapy this morning I told them all about it and they were amazed. I can’t tell you how much you made a difference to me. 

You are all an inspiration. Thank you again and best wishes to you all. I will join you again once this is over.” – Anna

“…wanted to say a big thanks for the weekend! It’s been ace seeing everyone and doing all the sessions so thank you loads for pulling it all together.”- Lisa 

“…just wanted to personally say a huge thank you for a super well planned weekend. It was really nourishing, fun, and felt part of a community. It was lovely to meet you and more of the S&S family too! I have spent some time at S&S Portugal and came away physically and mentally inspired, I felt aligned and balanced which is a huge credit to the people that S&S attracts and the team.” – Rosalind

What’s included?

We’ll be releasing a detailed schedule for the next Pause weekend asap. What we can tell you is that it will include around 10 live sessions and 5 pre-recorded sessions,  including yoga, surf, fitness movies, food, nice chats…as much as we can replicate from our IRL retreats.

Here is an idea of what we got up to last time:

Our first Soul & Surf Pause

8.15 am An energising Vinyasa Flow to start the day Core Flow
9.30 am Breakfast Breakfast
10 am Group check-in. Let’s all have a nice chat Surfboard 101 + Q&A
11.30am Pranayama Sustainability Talk
12 pm Cooking demo Cooking Demo
1 pm Lunch Lunch
3 pm Shiatsu workshop Surf Fitness & Techniques
4.30 pm Yin Yoga Yin Yoga
5,45 am Travel Documentary  Surf Movie
6.30 pm Live Q & A with Director Pre-Dinner Drinks & check-out
Evening Yoga Nidra Sundowner DJ Set

Since we host this as a weekend retreat, the cost is for the full two days (if you’d prefer to drop in and out for some yoga or other fitness classes we might be cooking up, check out our weekly sessions here.) That said, if there are a couple of sessions you’re unable to make, or there’s something on the weekend schedule that doesn’t do it for you, no judgement.

Price per screen

The price to join Pause is £80 per screen, a little extra if more than one is sharing that screen. With 10% of that going to our chosen causes (check the details here), two free spaces for our key workers and three free spaces for guests who have postponed their stay with us in June.

We appreciate, though, that these are uncertain times in many ways – not least financially. If you’re not able to afford that right now, drop us a line at, and let’s see if we can figure something out that works for us both?

Join Us

Keep your peepers peeled as we’ll be releasing dates for our next Pause soon…




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