Can I participate in Pause if I’m not able to commit to all the sessions?

Since we host this as a weekend retreat, the cost is for the full two days. That said, if there are a couple of sessions you’re unable to make, or there’s something on the weekend schedule that doesn’t do it for you, no judgement. (Or, you can just switch off your Zoom camera and have a little nap, we’ll be none the wiser!)

What time zone is Pause conducted in?

Just BST for now. (Sorry, southern hemisphere friends!)

Is the price per household, or per person?

It’s per person, but we appreciate that there’s a lot of us experiencing a fair degree of financial uncertainty right now. If you’re not able to afford the suggested price, drop us a line and let’s see if we can figure something out that works for us both?

Are the online Pause sessions live, or pre-recorded?

It’s a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through exactly where you need to be and when. Once you’ve booked in, you’ll receive a full guide and schedule, detailing which sessions are live and which are pre-recorded. The recorded sessions are yours forever, too, so feel free to listen and watch whenever you please.

Where does Pause actually take place?

Your place! We use Zoom for all of our live sessions, and will provide just one link for the whole thing, to make life easier. Before the weekend we will also provide you with ALL the information you could possibly wish for regarding how best to wrangle with Zoom, to try and avoid any tech-induced headaches.

I don’t own a yoga mat/yoga props/surfboard. Is that a problem?

Nope, not a problem! If you do have a yoga mat, great, but if not you could use a towel/rug, or play with the surfaces in your house and find the most grippy option.

Same with blocks, bolsters and straps – if you have them it helps to have them to hand, but if not shoelaces, belts or ties work well for straps. For blocks you could use a few books, and for bolsters you can use cushions or pillows.

Bring a blanket for Savasana!

You don’t need a surfboard. If you have one, feel free to place it somewhere you can gaze lovingly at it.

I am a beginner yogi and have never surfed before. Can I still join?

Sure you can. As with our usual retreats, our classes are designed to be accessible to all levels. We’ll ensure that all the yoga classes given during your Pause weekend give options to suit all levels of yoga experience, and likewise any surf fitness classes will guide you through the basics step by step…the fact that pop-up practice is on dry land helps, as well 😉

I am a technophobe – how exactly do these interactive Zoom sessions work?

So here comes a LOT of info regarding our live sessions – please read carefully so we can try and avoid any Zoom-induced headaches.

  • Music

For those of you that have been to us before you will know that music is a key element of the Soul & Surf experience.  We won’t be playing music to you though Zoom, but for anyone that would like it, we will suggest a playlist for each class that you can play yourself.

We’ll instruct you when to press play so it flows with that class, and we are all listening to the same thing (make sure it is not on shuffle!)

This means you would need to have the premium version of Spotify (so there are no adverts) but it’ll be there if you want it.  Obviously you can practice in silence if you prefer, or choose your own music to play in the background as you’ll be muted to all of us 🙂

If possible, we recommend you play the music through a separate device to the one you run Zoom on.

  • Zoom download

To interact with the class you’ll need to download the free Zoom software onto your Mac or PC/comp, or if you are using your iPhone/ipad you can download the app.

We recommend doing this now, ahead of any sessions you join so that we can be on hand to help you if you have any problems.

  • For each session

Please join the session a few minutes before we start so we can iron out any technical stuff. Place your laptop, tablet or phone in a good position near your mat – we’d recommend having the device camera placed to your side if you want the instructor to see you well enough to help/vocally adjust you.

But if you just roll out of bed and want to do it in your pyjamas you can keep your camera switched off. We won’t judge.

During the session you want to be on “SPEAKER VIEW” which you can select from the Zoom menu at the top right corner (or top left corner on ipads). And then it is important to pin the host’s video.

You can do this by hovering your cursor on the top right corner of the host’s video, where you will see three dots on a blue square – and then you can select ‘Pin Video.’ This allows you to see the host on full screen so you can watch what they’re doing.

Check the audio and video function at the bottom left menu bar – by clicking on arrows next to audio/video icons you can adjust your settings. You will automatically join with your camera on – please feel free to turn it off if you prefer.

  • Noise

To minimise echo and sound issues, we will mute everyone from the beginning until the end of the class.

  • Tech issues

If you have a technical error and your session ends just go back to the link provided and it will log you back in. If it does not then please check your internet and reset.

The quality of your audio and video depends on your personal wifi or mobile connection – if you struggle with bandwidth, make sure no other devices are connected to your wifi router, and maybe turn your video off.

If you can’t hear properly it may be the output on your device – it might be useful to connect to a speaker in that case, so you can turn us up nice and loud.

If you struggle during the class it may be worth switching to your phone, but bear in mind the screen will be much smaller.