Our home will be a beautiful wooden 72ft yacht which is fully equipped for a comfortable stay onboard and safe cruising around these remote islands. Our captain has over 20 years experience in these waters so we’re looking forward to finding some little-known or never-before surfed breaks. The cabins are compact, as you’d expect on a sailing yacht, yet comfortable and air conditioned.

There’s a lounge a plenty of communal relaxation areas, on the upper deck there’s an air conditioned comfy lounge with TV, DVD & games, an on-deck lounge/bar area and a large sun-deck with loungers and a barbeque – the island sky is totally inpolluted with clear air, millions of blazing stars, shooting stars & maybe a meteor shower as our backdrop

Guest Reviews

One of the last locations in a world of quickly dwindling uncrowded tropical surf destinations. The Andaman Islands  – remote, wild, pristine. 10ft, grinding, Indo style barrels for 10 days straight? Probably not. Great waves with a great crew at exotic, unspoiled, empty breaks? Definitely!

Tom Fekete