Andaman Surf

We’ll be honest, an Andaman trip is still a voyage of discovery even though we’ve been a few times now. We’ll be aiming to surf some breaks with the right conditions, the one’s we’ve only read about, seen in ‘that’ film or heard rumour of or even just stumbled upon. Last season we used a guests drone to scout a brand new spot which was one of the waves of the trip.


The surf is pretty user friendly, if you’ve surfed reef before you’ll be comfortable here. Yes, it gets shallow and it can be fast and hollow but not in a Mentawai way in terms of size and power. Think of it more in terms of Maldives wave size and power.

Armed with some local knowledge gained over them last few years, some ongoing internet research, a few inside tips from the few who’ve explored here before, Google Earth, an experienced Andaman Captain and crew, weather & wave forecast charts and inquisitive minds we’ll aim to make this a trip of a lifetime.

Guest Reviews

Andamans was always a dream and thanks to Soul & Surf they made it come true. Truly an amazing team with genuine love for life and passion for surf.

Mido Oraibi