Surf Lessons & Guides

We’ve chosen to return to this corner of the Iberian Peninsula in Portugal because a) it’s pretty damn beautiful, and b) because it boasts amazing waves and conditions for all abilities

Whether you’re a seasoned salty sea dog or a first-time beginner gliding into your first waves, no worries; the SW Algarve has it all. Both the west and south coasts are littered with beach breaks, point breaks, and the occasional reef, all positioned to make the most of the wide swell window of Cape St-Vincent.

The Team

Wherever we pop-up we like to work with a local operator wherever possible. It’s important to us morally and ethically but also  because of things like strict licensing laws on who can provide lessons on the beaches in the Algarve, plus it also gives us a bit more insight into the lay of the land, and allows you to explore without the nuisance of a tourist guidebook, map or risking overcrowded and overpriced places.

This year we’re teaming up with The Good Feeling, one of the most respected surf schools in Sagres. They are experts in their local knowledge of the area, offering lessons to absolute beginners and early improvers surf lessons. With the help of The Good Feeling and their band of merry surfers, we’ll get you on your feet and progressing your technique, tackling the basics and hopefully riding some sexy green waves by the end of your stay.

For those who are confident catching unbroken waves and are starting to trim both left and right, we will take you to the best break for the conditions and your ability,  give you any local beach knowledge necessary and be on hand for tips and advice throughout the session.

Surf Hosts

Your Soul & Surf host Adam will work with our local partners to decide the best locations and breaks to take you to a spot that meets everyone’s needs whilst escaping crowds as best we can.

Surf Conditions

Let’s face it, this is the Atlantic so we will still be at the mercy of Mother Nature. But it’s not the middle of winter, the crazy storms will be over, and we’re avoiding the mid-summer flat spell too. We have chosen the months of May, June, September & October specifically to strike the perfect balance between waves and weather.

With the right wind and the right conditions, you’ll likely find nicely groomed 2-3 ft waves hitting the shores. Portugal receives consistent swell year-round and Lagos is perfectly positioned to make the most of both the West and the South coasts and to maximise our chances of finding some sheltered waves.