Food – can’t live without it. Soul & Surf have the mindset of live to eat, rather than eat to live, and it’s this soul-food ethos that we bring into all our menus. You can expect a menu of amazing local Portuguese produce, nourishing and hearty meals that will gear you up for your days’ activities. Sunshine Food as we call it.

Eating & Drinking

But first, coffee. And breakfast – filling and healthy to kickstart your morning before getting in the sea.

Although we’re out of the villa for most of the day – doing stuff like surfing, cruising along the beach, eating overlooking the sea, oh and more surfing – we’ve got you covered for your post-surf appetite. We’ll bring a light packed lunch to the beach to keep you energised throughout the day and ready for yoga in the evening. It’s not out of the realms of possibility that we’ll stop for some traditional Portuguese custard tarts on the way home too.

Included in the price are four evening meals for the week, finishing up with a big old barbeque on the terrace. But, let’s be honest, whilst you’re in Portugal you’re going to want to sample some of the local dishes, whether it’s freshly caught seafood or traditional warming suppers. We’ll plan a couple of evening meals out with the whole crew, but you can go off exploring and dining solo if that’s your thing.


We’ll make sure you have a little something on arrival to welcome you to the neighbourhood,  but we do not provide alcohol throughout this trip. We’ll be happy to arrange a trip to the local supermarket so you can bring in your own stocks. And we have a little bar top prop up too.