15 - 22nd February 2020


Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of the Atlantic, as we explore the soul of longboarding with special guest Sam Bleakley, who will be sharing his passion, techniques and expertise, both in the water and out.

We are bursting with excitement to tell you that multiple European Longboard Champion, writer, filmmaker, and all-round lovely human, Sam, is joining us at Soul & Surf Portugal

We will explore the style, the culture and the connection to the ocean that longboarding offers us. Sam will also be hosting daily interactive workshops and showing movies at the Soul & Surf Quinta, where we will look after you with our usual dose of yoga, food and therapies (provided by Sam’s gorgeous wife Sandy!)

Who are you?

You have already started your journey into longboarding, and are ready to explore both the technical and creative sides of this expressive art. You have experience with a longboard, but don’t worry if you are not an expert. However, you’ll definitely get the most out of this if you are familiar with riding a longboard, at whatever level.

This isn’t about guaranteeing you a noseride or a cross-step by the end of the week. Take the pressure off, because those things can take years of practice, dedication and time in the ocean. Yes, you’ll learn the techniques and mechanics of how they are performed, and how to practise them on your continuing surfing journey.

But this is more importantly an immersion into the soul of longboarding, sharing stories, history and time with one another.

What will we be doing?

Sam is a professional surfer we’ve admired for a long time because he’s so much more than a professional surfer. A creative and brilliant writer, an explorer, a film-maker and most importantly he’s someone who’s out there proving that you don’t have to follow the ‘accepted’ path to get along. “Travel the path less trodden,” says Sam.

Longboard Clinics
We’ll be heading out for daily surf sessions with Sam for the intermediate and above surfer to work on and develop their surfing technique whilst hearing first hand about Sam’s life, travel and surfing experiences. The longboard clinics will focus on learning to cross-step, noseride, hang five or hang ten, drop-knee turn, or simply ride with a smooth, flowing, confident style.

Films, talks & workshops
Sam will be introducing and showing some of his surf, travel and exploration films at Soul & Surf and we’ll also squeeze in a kind of workshop, Q&A session each day where Sam will talk about the less trodden path he’s taken in his surfing life.

About Sam
Sam Bleakley www.sambleakley.com is a surf writer, published author, professional longboarder (specialising in exploration with the surfEXPLORE http://surfexplore.info collective) and a former multiple European, British, English and Cornish Longboard Champion and WSL World Longboard Tour competitor. Sam is also a presenter of the Brilliant Corners processional surf travel series exploring emerging surf cultures, and former senior lecturer in Cultural Tourism, Geography and Surf Science.

Sam has a PhD in surf travel writing and surf exploration on Haiti at Falmouth University in the UK. His recently finished two new books include Mindfulness & Surfing: Reflections for Saltwater Souls  and The Longboard Travel Guide: a Guide to the World’s Best Longboard Waves.

Sam is very interested in the relationship between surfing and dance. This is detailed in Sam’s books Surfing Brilliant Corners (2010) and Surfing Tropical Beats (2013) where surfing is framed through metaphors of music (particularly jazz), exploring how surfers think like musicians and dancers, using invention, complex rhythm, timing and spontaneity to turn impossible wave scenarios into beautiful dance. Sam explains, “’Jazz’ is not just a kind of music – the primary African-American art form – but a way of thinking and doing (based on improvisation, syncopation, timing, rhythm and beat). Surfers and travellers can be jazz players (and dancers) without ever liking or knowing jazz (or dance), where they have that jazz feel that takes them away from the straight line and the standard moves.

Surfing is about improvising in brilliant ways that utilise the sea’s surprises. And surfers who travel with sensitivity to local cultures and landscapes quickly get an ear for the rhythm of the moment and show facility for improvisation. These performances demand a stage – a place – which is the main player and shapes the performance.”

You can watch Sam in action in his Brilliant Corners films here www.x-tremevideo.com/films/brilliant-corners/ and Vimeo feed here https://vimeo.com/user6441813


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