Portugal Winter Sessions

It might still be peak season over in Portugal, at our new home in the Algarve, but we’ve been busy behind the scenes making plans for how we’ll be spending our first winter in Europe. Officially, our full-time season ends in November – but we’re firm believers that a little cold water never hurt anyone!

Which is why we are running a series of short Pop-Ups to make the most of all that beautiful Portugal has to offer, year-round.

Soul & Surf Portugal Winter Sessions

We have two weeks of ‘improver’ workshops for intermediate surfers looking to, well, improve.

Focused Improver Courses — Nov 2019 | March 2020

And we are in the quieter part of the year, so we can find a little bit more peace in the ocean. Always a bonus.We’ve chosen these times of year in Portugal because the bigger swells that hit the west coast can wrap around, creating lovely mellow peelers on the south coast. These spots, that don’t often work in the summer, light up and offer us options depending on the wind and size. There is also a good chance we’ll score a southerly swell, which makes it even more suited to the easy-to-ride pointbreaks.

The southern Algarve coastline is packed with beach breaks, pointbreaks, and the occasional reef, all positioned to make the most of the wide swell window of Cape St-Vincent.

Winter is an exciting time as a surfer to explore the Algarve; although the nights are cold, it’s often still warm enough in the day to wear t-shirts and shorts.  Have a look here for more info about the surf in the Algarve

There are no typical days when it comes to the Atlantic coast. We’ll be surfing when the swell is just right, and eating, friending and workshopping in between. But we thought you might want to see what you could be getting up to here in the Algarve.

A Typical Day

7.00 am Meet for a light breakfast to help kick start the day
7.30 am Head out for the daily surf session
8.15am Arrive on the beach. Cream up, suit up, warm up, surfs up!!
1 pm Return from the beach, jump in the pool, maybe have a therapy, or a siesta.
 1.30pm Sit down for a healthy and hearty lunch
2.30pm Surf Theory
4 pm Video Analysis or 1to1 yoga or massage or swim or chat or snooze or D, all of the above.
5.30pm Our Daily Yoga/Meditation/Pranayama Class
7.30pm Hang out, lounge and eat in one of our indoor or outdoor dining and lounge spaces. Dinner will be served from our wood-fired pizza oven, our Portuguese barbecue or our kitchen depending on the evening.
10.00pm We’re knackered and want to go to bed but there are bars in Lagos open late if you’ve somehow still got the energy…. Zzzzzz


Note: Everything’s tide & wind dependent. We aim to find the right mix of tides, wind & crowds so our schedule drifts from day to day or week to week. Of course, if you’d rather do nothing and chill all day that’s entirely up to you, whatever makes you happy, it’s your holiday!