Ardha Uttanasana


Yoga is an integral part of the Soul that we offer with our Pop-Ups, even more so with this trip to Chicama as you will want stretch out, strengthen and restore your aching bodies after the surf sessions.

We include five yoga sessions in the trip price to give you the chance to really feel the benefits of a regular yoga practice; if you’re already a seasoned yogi you’ll have the chance to go deeper and really focus on your practice for a week.

Rach will tailor the yoga classes to the surf , and depending on the the energy levels of the group will lead either an invigorating yang session, or something way more yin and restorative.

As well as your daily yoga sessions we include guided meditation before or after, to settle the practice and an extra pranayama class, which is great for breath control and lung capacity and pretty useful in the water.

If you have any specific yoga, meditation or pranayama questions please email us here


Our day of rest from surf and yoga is where we get the chance to dive a little deeper into Chicama’s ancient cultures.  We have planned a day trip to Magdalena de Cao, an archeological site where many pyramids called ‘huacas’ were discovered, and the tomb of one of the few female governors was found. 

She was an important discovery, revealing that status in this earlier civilization was not limited to men, but was granted instead to the individual best suited to leading the community, male or female.

Min is fascinated by the Mochiques, who lived around 1700 years ago in the areas around Chicama. In the past years she’s been building her relationship with a shaman who maintains the ancient rituals of the area.