It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy when our guests have a good time. Check out what our 2018 crew though of their stay in Peru last February.

“It was my very first time visiting South America and I could not have asked for a better way to experience this beautiful country of Peru, its population, culture and cuisine. There were no moments in which I would not have felt safe in the water. ”
Roxana – Germany

“This started out as a dream surf trip and became a transformative experience which left me with a happy soul, incredible waves, and good friends.  I will be back again.”
Ruth – New York

“The company, the food, the hotel, were all wonderful and I consider the week in Peru to be one of the best vacations I’ve taken. Thanks to the whole Soul & Surf team!”
Stephanie – Washington

“I miss Chicama and am so happy I got to spend such good quality time there. Thank you for making my vacation so memorable. You guys all did a SUPERB job!”
Christiane – New York

“The yoga, the nice rooms, the chill restaurant patio and great food, the boat rides to the surf, the hot showers and massages were amazing. I would totally recommend it to anyone that was looking for that kind of experience. I think the whole soul and surf pop up operation there is dialed. Between Min and Adam and Franco, you had all the bases covered for anyone that would make that trip. It was professional, it was organized, you went out of your way to fill any requests. You guys are excellent hosts!”
John – Oregon