Getting Here

Chicama is a port and small coastal town in north-western Peru, located in the La Libertad Region, north of the city of Trujillo. The town and beach are also known as Puerto Malabrigo.



You will need to fly to Lima where you must connect onto a one hour, internal flight to Trujillo City. Chicama is an hour transfer from the airport.

Expect an 11-hour flight from most of Europe and a lot less from the US.

We tend to browse to get the full picture for long-haul flights as they seem to offer the best range of deals from different airlines. We can give further recommendations if you chose to stay overnight before heading to Trujillo.


We do not include airport transfers in the cost but can help you organise this and hope to hook you up with other guests travelling on the same flights as you to spread the cost. Prices start at $17 per person, based on 6 people sharing. Private taxis start at $50.


Pre-visas are not needed for most of the countries of the EU, North America and Australia. It is worth double checking here though


Peru has a semi-arid climate that is ideal for travelling, the temperature never gets too hot or too cold and hardly ever rains. One of the reasons that we have chosen February to host this Pop-Up is to miss the near-permanent mist that can occur due to the temperature differences in the land and sea. Air temperatures vary during February from 21 °C – 30°C during the day and as cool as 16°C at night.


The water temperature will be around 21°C so should feel warm for most Europeans; however, we still recommend that you bring at least a spring wetsuit or a 3/2 steamer if you tend to feel the cold a little more.