Waves on our doorstep. Surf as much as your body will allow!

The surf here is the real reason why we have chosen Lombok for this Pop-Up, and why it is the perfect location to run a Soul & Surf retreat.

The Waves

For starters…the waves break right out front of where we will be staying – we’ll be able to check the surf from the villas. We will have certain times each day that we’ll be offering lessons but you’ll also be able to grab a board at any time to go for a splash.

The waves are consistent all year round, more so from April through November, with longer period swells arriving from the southern ocean. Ekas bay really is suitable for all surfers with options whether the waves are big or small.

Through all conditions we found that the waves in the bay were the perfect environment to coach and progress the surfer who has some experience in white water, used to paddling around, starting to catch their own green waves.

If you have are a little more competent and confident, the reef in the middle of the bay is a great option, providing long, slow waves breaking left in into a deep channel through all tides. At low tide a heavier, faster right breaks into the channel infant of the cliffs, under the hotel. With bigger swells, the waves at Inside Ekas are more suited to the level 3 surfer that can look after themselves but on smaller swells this reef, especially the left, is perfectly suited to the level 2 surfer looking to push themselves and their surfing.

When the waves do pick up a sand covered reef on the inside of the bay provides really long soft waves with the option to go left or right. We found that this wave was the perfect environment for the level 2 surfer to really gain confidence and practice trimming down the line and working on top to bottom turns.

For the surfer really looking to challenge themselves and take to take you outside of your comfort zone, there is a wave that breaks on the outside of the bay. Outside Ekas can be a shifty, long, hollow wall that breaks on the outer walls of the cliff face of the bay. This is for the more experienced surfer as the wave can be powerful and not so forgiving.

Inside Ekas is much more fun and suitable for most levels of surfer as the wave breaks far inside the bay, offering left-hand walls and slightly more powerful rights.

Surf Lessons

As with our retreats in Sri Lanka and India we’ll be offering lessons to all levels of surfer.

The level 1 surfer that has had some lessons and spent time surfing in the white water, looking to explore unbroken waves for the first time.

The level 2 surfer that is looking to improve on their basic manoeuvres and how to handle themselves in more challenging waves.

We’ll also be able to work with more advanced surfers out on the reefs, getting you in earlier and becoming more precise with your manoeuvres. With the exception of arrival and departure days, we’ll be in the water every day.

From White to Green

To make the most of this trip you will really want to be able to paddle a fair distance and should have spent some time in the water. We really recommend this trip to the surfer that has a little experience, has spent some time with their feet on a board, and is looking to progress their surfing outside of the white water.

For the the level 1 surfer, you’ll be required to paddle a little further than we would usually expect for a beginner, so undertaking a few lessons before this trip and spending some time in the pool working on your fitness and stamina will be advantageous.

We’ll offer the lessons throughout the mornings and have ‘free surf sessions’ together to put into practice what we’ve learnt, we’re really excited to be staying as close to the surf as is possible without getting wet. This means that when we’re not eating, relaxing or getting our bend on we can be in the surf, snorkelling and swimming.


We will have use of all water sports equipment from the hotel but the quality and quantity may be limited.

We can advise you on what board to bring with you and what is suited best to this wave and your ability level.  Most long-haul airlines will allow you to take surfboards as part of your checked baggage allowance (but it is always best to confirm this with your airline directly before you book.)

If you don’t have your own board, it’s best to get in touch with us and we can advise you.  There are boards available from the hotel, but they are very difficult to get hold of in Lombok, so are in limited supply.

Please drop us an email at   if you have specific needs with surf boards and we’ll see what we can do. If you find yourself coming through Bali on your way to Lombok it  could always be worthwhile pre-ordering and picking yourself up a new board on your way.

Adam is always happy to talk board design, so drop him an email if you’re thinking of having a board shaped or want to pick something up prior to your trip. There are a few shapers across the world that we work closely with that will be able to deliver something to suit your needs and desires!

Remember, you can never have too many surfboards!