Where? How?

Lombok is an Indonesian island east of Bali and west of Sumbawa, part of the Lesser Sunda Island chain. Like most tropical islands Lombok has a wet and dry season.

Getting to Lombok


You will most likely require a two-stop flight from Europe, changing in the UAE, KL or Singapore as well as in Jakarta or Bali. Prices range from £400, being very cheap and upwards of £800, being very high.

We tend to browse Skyscanner or Google Flights to get the full picture for long-haul flights as they seem to offer the best range of deals from different airlines.

From the Airport

It takes about 1.5 hours from the new international airport and nearly 4 hours from the ferry terminal and the Gili Islands ports. The flights are usually less expensive than the “fast boats” and far more quick and convenient.

We will be supplying two transfer times on each of the check in & check out days. We will update you with these times closer to the date of the Pop-Up


Most foreign citizens are eligible for a tourist visa on arrival in Indonesia, valid for 30 days. Please double check before booking. We have found this site to be helpful: Lombok Network

Other Activities

SUPping around the calm parts of Ekas Bay with easy access to the water from the white sandy beach. You can watch the surf from the side, or paddle up to the nearby fishing village for a look at Lombok life near the sea. You’ll be amazed by the coral and fish life.

Snorkelling from the beach is also great fun, along the back of the fringing reef where you’ll find coral outcrops and reef fish embedded in the white sands backdrop.

Bicycle Tour 2 hour guided loop cycle with world-class ocean and village views


We’ve chosen this time of year to run the Pop-Up as you can find a nice balance in late October / early November between the hot dry season and the wet season. Not that we claim to be Michael Fish but we expect to find that the rainy season hasn’t started with clear mornings and cooler afternoons.