Obonjan x Soul & Surf

1st – 7th August 2017

We’re heading to Obonjan Island this summer. Join us in Croatia for a Soul & Surf curated programme of creative and enriching experiences, warm sunny skies and turquoise waters.

When we found out about about Obonjan it felt like discovering kindred spirits. We are all about promoting positive change in our guests (and staffs) lives in a low-key, non-pretentious, non-preachy kind of way and love to explore new ways we can do this. Collaboration with people who are on a similar path is a great way for us to expand this and also a great way for us to learn. So we have tailored a week of events to work with the Obonjan experience which we hope will be a interesting mix of our two organisations ideas.

Obonjan is an island in Croatia, so if India or Sri Lanka is just that wee bit too far to experience what we have to offer or you’ve been to us before and are looking for something different then this is a great week for you to enjoy some of what we have put together for you, catch up with some of the team and at the same immerse yourself in the other inspiring, creative and enriching experiences Obonjan has to offer. It’s not like any other pop up we’ve done before because…whilst we will be curating a week of activities for you on the island we wont be the only ones, they’ll be other really innovative stuff there to enjoy too. That’s the great thing about this week, we’re slotting ourselves in to an island that’s got everything from wellness, music, amazing food, inspiring talks, SUP and oh you’ll even get to check out Ed and Raff playing a couple of DJ sets. The accommodation is pretty nice as well ranging from your own forest lodges, to bell tents.

What to expect

Each day we have mindfully planned something for you picking up as much as we can from what we do best in Kerala and Sri lanka and bringing a handful of our amazing team to do it.

Here’s a taster of what you can expect to see from us on this unique pop up:

  • We’ll be kicking off our week with a talk from Soul & Surf founder Ed Templeton on how he & Sofie jacked it all in and set up Soul and Surf. He’ll also be dj’ing a bit to.
  • Pro surfer and travel  journalist Sam Bleakely will be with us showing his Brilliant Corners documentaries, sharing stories and showing his films from some of the most untraveled corners of this planet.
  • Our main man in Kerala, Raff will be taking off his managerial cap and going back to his musical roots to play a couple of DJ sets.
  • Our chief stretcher and yoga teacher Hayley will be doing her usual, getting you breathing and bending!
  • We’re even taking Emma, our massage therapist with us to fix you up with her healing hands.
  • And whilst, sadly, there’s no waves there for us (don’t beleive the hype, it’s not all about surfing) we have got Chris and Jake from ROAM+.: coming to guide us into the day with some mindful SUP adventures!

How to book

If you would like to join us on our week long adventure please visit obonjan-island.com/soul-surf-2

Click on the rates/book now tab to make a booking.

If you can pay in full on the day of booking you will receive a 5% discount.