Making a Tropical Christmas Wreath

Although feeling festive can be a bit more of a challenge in a tropical climate without the traditional Christmas jumper, roaring fire and mulled wine we still like to keep some customs going. This week we turned our hand to floristry making a Tropical Leaf Christmas Wreath. Our HoV in Kerala, Siona, along with some of our wonderful creative guests spent a fun afternoon making a piece to hang above the entrance to the Kerala house.

You will need:

Gardening secateurs or good scissors

A basket

Gardening wire cut in to 5cm pieces

A wreath frame

A Christmas playlist (optional)

  1. First gather your foliage. With a pair of gardening secateurs or a good pair of scissors prune a variety of leaves in different lengths and colours. Thicker more rubbery leaves hold better in this heat as they retain moisture. Thinner more delicate leaves may look pretty but will wilt quickly. Once your basket is full lay out your cuttings in front of you so that you can see what you have.dsc01155_lzn
  2. Next select 4 or 5 different leaves in varying shapes and colours and layer them in a neat bundle, starting with the widest, longest leaves at the back and the most delicate foliage at the front.
    With a length of gardening wire, pinch the ends all together and wrap them tightly.dsc01153_lzn
  3. Once all of your bundles are done, we used around 20 for a small frame, start to weave them in to the wreath. Work in a clockwise motion so that all the foliage goes in the same direction. Secure each set of leaves to the wreath frame with wire, making sure that all fastenings are
    hidden by foliage.dsc01156_lzn
  4. Hang your wreath in your chosen place. These look great on doors and over entrances. Once hung and secure fill in any gaps with single pieces of foliage remembering to work in the same clockwise direction. Spray with a water spray every day to keep it fresh.dsc01158_lzn
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