Each Friday at Soul & Surf Sri Lanka, while the guests are enjoying a post surf breakfast or lounging in the pool, the S&S team get together for our weekly meeting – discussing the week we’ve just had, making plans for the week ahead and generally taking time to ‘check in’ with each other.

Inspired to do so by our General Manager (and all round space-holder extraordinaire) Anna, we begin each staff meeting with a group meditation, in order to start mindful, efficient discussions from a place of connection, openness and presence.

Last Friday, our resident yoga teacher Jessamin guided us through a ‘Just Like Me’ meditation – exploring how we can connect, feel empathy and compassion for ourselves and our colleagues, by acknowledging the many ways they are ‘just like me’. We kinda digged it, so thought we’d share it with you…


If you’d like to try it out in your workplace and don’t have access to a resident yoga/meditation instructor like us, don’t despair. There are great guided meditations specifically designed for the workplace all over the internet, including this one from gPause that takes you through the ‘just like me’ practice we worked with…



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