Turtle swimming in sea

World Ocean – Ocean Wave | Biodiversity

In this journal article, we’re delving into the wonderful world of biodiversity – the way that nature uses variety to maintain balance and help life on Earth thrive. What is Biodiversity? Everything in the biological world interacts with each other on some sort of level, whether it’s animals, plants, fungi, or even microorganisms like bacteria. […]

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Sky showing through trees

Mossy Earth x Soul & Surf

Restoring wild ecosystems, supporting wildlife and biodiversity and helping fight climate change. Personally I began paying to offset the carbon emissions on my flights pretty early on – until I read so many bad reports about corrupt or inept offsetting tree planting projects which were doing more harm than good that I lost my way. […]

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Guest Reviews

We’re friends of Jon, and fellow Brightonians, have just had a wonderful week at Soul and Surf…we cannot praise Amrith, Rafi, and all the wonderful surf and yoga instructors highly enough–they were patient and helpful, even when my husband Ant broke his toe and I proved to have the upper body strength of a gerbil…Our […]

Carla Power