Soul People – Chef Aruna

Next in our Soul People series is Head Chef Aruna who helped us set up our new hotel in Sri Lanka. Chef makes the best seared tuna we’ve ever tasted and is always smiling. We caught up with him for a quick chat:


What’s your name?  Aruna Ulu Waduge

What do you do?  Head Chef at Soul & Surf Sri Lanka

Where’s Home? Weligama, Sri Lanka

How did you come to be at Soul & Surf?
Before joining Soul & Surf, I was working as a Sous Chef at Mosvold Villa in Ahangama.  I was friends with the previous chef at Soul & Surf and heard that there was a job opening for a new Head Chef.  I applied for the job, and had to prepare a seared tuna steak as part of the interview. (it was the best one we tasted). I said that I wanted to do whatever needed to be done to make the guests happy, and the Soul & Surf team was sold.

What does Soul mean to you?
It’s like a dream.  It’s a long journey.

What inspires you about your work?
I want to find out the fusions of new things and new food combinations because in the cooking industry, chefs are becoming clever and coming up with new dishes for all people around the world.  And I am very proud and happy to be a chef – it is more than just a job, it is part of my whole life.

What’s next for you?
I want to create new dishes.  I want to be a good chef.  I want to continue to grow my skills and knowledge and share that with other people by helping to teach others and learn from other cooks as well.
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