For those of you who have stayed with us in Kerala, India over the last 7 years you’ll know we go the extra mile to make your stay great. For those of you who haven’t stayed with us check our Trip Advisor reviews for our place in India to get an idea of what we’re about and our Trip Advisor Reviews for Sri Lanka from those who’ve come before you.

We hope you know that we’ll deliver a stay which is informal enough for you to feel relaxed and at home but with enough organisation and structure to provide as much or as little for you to do as you fancy. We’ve been honing our skills at this kind of thing for years in Kerala in Sri Lanka and on Pop-Ups around the world.

Your week with us starts on a Saturday and runs to a following Saturday. Saturday is a change over day and Wednesdays are a rest day, so there’s no lessons on those two days. Here’s what a typical day at Soul & Surf Sri Lanka will look like:

A Typical Day at Soul & Surf Sri Lanka
6.30 am Meet for fruit & coffee, yawn, stretch, wake up
6.45am Our Daily Yoga Class
 8.30am Leave for your surf lesson or surf guide or have a morning yoga class or massage if you prefer
 10.30am A hearty, healthy group breakfast putting the world to rights
 1.30pm Light Lunch
 2.00pm Time for a massage, a private yoga session, a swim, a chat, a snooze
 4.30pm Head out for a sunset surf session
 7.15pm Meet for dinner, a drink and a good yarn.

This might sound pretty regimented. Trust us, that’s not how we roll. If you want to spend the day drinking Bloody Mary’s in the pool we won’t bat an eye-lid. Or if you want to spend the day careering from yoga to meditation to massage and back again we’ll make that happen too. It’s a broad church we run here.

Bringing The Kids?

We very much welcome families coming to stay with us and do what we can to make it affordable and workable with the kids. But we have to be realistic too, we’ve got a small number of rooms so we need to get income from them when they’re being used. So if we can add extra beds or a cot to your room we can keep things very reasonable, if the kids need their own room we have to charge the normal rate. We have a couple of rooms which are perfect for families who would like two linked rooms. See the rates on our What’s Included page.

We’re not allowed to recommend or offer baby-sitting or childcare as a service because our UK insurers advise us not to as the local mums from the village aren’t qualified, registered or insured. But we can introduce you to some of the Sri Lankan ladies from the local village that look after Ed & Sofie’s baby and our friends kids and if you feel comfortable you can arrange child-care, whilst you surf or practice yoga, directly with them at very reasonable rates.

We love the kids to join in with whatever we can reasonably allow them to do. Surfing is an inherently dangerous activity so we have to have some limitations, check them out on our What’s Included page. Talk to the yoga teacher when you arrive if you’d like your kids to try yoga. It has the be at the yoga teachers discretion and not to the detriment of our other yogis experience. There’s plenty of other stuff we can fully allow the kids to get involved with. See here for what else is available.

Guest Reviews

I loved every single minute of every single day. The hosts Adam & Rachel were amazing. They are both very friendly, approachable, happy, positive & willing to interact with us all. Nothing was ever a problem for them. Adams teaching style for surfing was patient & thorough while still being funny & entertaining. Rachel is also […]

Brooke Belton